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The Darkest Days…

By the time you receive this love letter, it will be Winter Solstice, the longest, darkest day of the year.

I am writing you on the eve of Solstice from a place that is quickly becoming one of my favorite places on the planet, Boulder’s very own Starhouse.

This land has been calling me, reminding me, helping me and guiding me to remember.

What is this remembering?

That I am always, always and in all ways loved, supported, given all I need for my next evolution. And so are you. 

I am so thrilled to see so many of you resonate with my Love Letter of last week taking a stand for no longer being motivated by fear. It is time, we are ready. Fear no longer needs to be the motivator. It has it’s place, but not as a source of motivation.

We can trust something else, something far bigger and more inspiring than fear to motivate our next steps.

I can see the future and it is bright. Fear no longer controls us. “Not enough” no longer rules the day. We are pulled by (and trust) our Desires.

We welcome all that comes to support and serve that Desire — even when it appears to not be what we thought we wanted.

We are learning to know — truly know — the source of our True Wealth and the great power and responsibility that comes with it.

Your job is to look for all the places fear still motivates and notice. Retrain your brain.

Imagine the contribution you would make if you knew you had enough, if you knew you could afford it, if you knew you would be supported.

I invite you to step into that with me in the coming year.

From the darkest day comes the most beautiful light. Open your eyes and see the dawning of a new days is here now.

All you need to do is simply say yes to it and then use gifts you’ve been given — including every single hardship that has come your way — to make space and call in the resources that are always here for you.

With so much love this Solstice eve,