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When I am ready to commit to a specific course of action, I invest in that which will most likely lead to that success.

Now, you might be saying … well that’s all good and fine for you Ali because you have money to invest in your commitments.

But, listen, that’s the kind of thinking keeping you stuck. There have been plenty of times in my life that I did NOT have the money. In those times, I committed anyway, and the resources (and my own resourcefulness) showed up.

I hope I’ll see you soon.


MoneyMap to Freedom

Build an income you can count on while doing your most meaningful, impactful work in the world.
  • Get crystal clear on where you want to be and build a customized roadmap to get you there as quickly as possible.
  • Learn the 4 main income models for business, which one is best for you.
  • Get the exact marketing strategies, enrollment structures, and team support that will fast track your success and grow your bank account.



Profitable Pricing & Packaging

In this 4 module training course you’ll discover how to offer your products and services with the right pricing, best packaging, and most effective enrollment structure so that your ideal clients are attracted to you and say “yes” to hiring you.
  • Clarify the outcome you provide, who you serve, and how much the market values what you offer.
  • Learn how to create multiple offers for what you do that position you for higher profits and more clients.
  • Create a solid proposal template and position yourself in the marketplace so that you attract high-quality clients that are eager to work with you.