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Where will the money come from?

I’ve bootstrapped every step of my journey.

That means that I’ve never taken outside capital from investors. 

All of it was funded by me, and the SBA (via loans), and banks (via credit cards). I did also receive a $50k inheritance from my dad when he died in 2004, and used that to fund the growth of my business.

When I walked out the door of the big law firm, and away from the $180k/year paycheck, just after giving birth to my second child in 2003, I did not know where the resources would come from. 

My husband was a stay at home dad. I was the breadwinner. Looking back now, I’m shocked at my chutzpah.

And, I had something that I only now realize with hindsight is what created the guarantee that I’d always have what I needed …

No matter how much or how little you have right now, you have this available to you too.

Watch this clip from the call I hosted with Molly and Jana, to see what it is.

When I review the history of my life, what I can see is that I lived much of my life on this razor’s edge of terror and excitement. I now see it as the signpost that I am headed in the right direction. 

For many years, the fear part kept me stuck, and swirling in confusion.

But then I learned how to understand it for what it was, and see that I could actually turn toward the fear, safely.

I encourage you to consider this terror/excitement razor’s edge as a signpost for yourself as well. Turn toward your fear, and learn to let it live in your being as excitement so you can keep moving toward it, rather than freezing or fleeing from it.

In the early years, the terror screamed at me that I was going to run out of money and end up homeless. 

The excitement would say “No way that can happen. You’ve got valuable gifts to provide. Just keep going, Alexis.”

What resourced me to keep going was what I talk about in this video

When I learned to turn toward it, all of the resources I needed showed up every time. 

Even when I moved to a farm and filed bankruptcy.

Everything I needed, right when I needed it.

Surprisingly, it was the bankruptcy (and the year leading up to it) that showed me the truth about money, and exactly how resourced I really was. 

That was a shocker.

And, I sure wish I didn’t need to go through a bankruptcy to figure it out.

But, as a result of all of it …

  • I learned how to use the resources available to me in a way that I believe is unusual.
  • I learned that the most valuable resources I have are my time, energy and attention. 
  • I learned that money is infinite, when I know how to access it and use it wisely.

My biggest prayer now is that I can pass on the extremely time-intensive and financially costly lessons I learned in a way that shortcuts the process for you.

To help me make sure I’m doing the best I can in that regard, I’d really love it if you hit reply and let me know what you are receiving from what I’ve shared in this email series so far.

If you need a refresher, here’s where you can read the email I sent last week at the beginning of the series.

And, if you’d like the full video of the call with my “secret weapons” on the path, hit reply and let me know and I’ll send it.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open life,
Ali Katz