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I got pulled into a conversation on Facebook today between several long-time online coaches/business owners … about refunds. And it inspired me to write some of my thoughts about how to structure your refund policy, how to handle refund requests, and how to turn your next refund request into your greatest life and business growth opportunity ever.

You can read what I wrote about refunds and how to handle them here.

On another note, I’m in the midst of a lawsuit around my IP that has me feeling more powerful in my business than I’ve ever felt before because I have the right protections in place to stand for what I created.

I used to shy away from protecting my IP. I felt conflicted between my values of “share the wealth” and “protect my IP” — through an evolutionary spiral dynamics lens, this is an “orange” and “green” conflict that I didn’t know how to resolve. Turns out that integral leadership development (my lifelong growth path), I’ve been able to learn to hold the paradox and find the higher purpose of IP protection, and now I’m finally standing for my IP in a way that feels 100% values-aligned.

I can’t say for sure that I’m going to win this litigation, but I’m committed to standing for what I created. My former client signed an agreement not to sell what we taught her to other lawyers, and once she began to do so, I created a possibility of collaboration, which she declined without even talking to me and instead having her lawyer file a lawsuit against me.

The part that sucks the most is that I believe she’s being led astray by her lawyer and getting very expensive, and ultimately bad advice. I can’t say for sure as I have not gotten to talk with my former client directly, and I’m not sure I will ever get to do so outside of a deposition context … but what I can say is I have been involved with enough lawyers throughout my life (both as a lawyer, a user of legal services, and a trainer and coach to thousands of lawyers) to know that many lawyers are motivated to increase conflict because that’s how they get paid. And, very few lawyers have actual conflict resolution skills.

It’s the reason I’ve doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on serving the legal community. I truly believe that with the right business models in place, lawyers can shift culture simply by how they help their clients to deal with life’s most important matters — death, conflict, and money.

And what I can best advise you on here regarding your own intellectual property is that Trademarks are not enough. You must have contracts that protect your IP. If I win this case, it’ll be because of my contract, not just my Trademark. 

If you want support on any of this, the best way I can support you with all of this is through my LIFT Foundation program, which is on sale for a few more days this week before it’s taken off the market for a big brand renovation materials — and likely big price increases when we come back out. Use code alijunespecial to get a $3,333 discount on the whole program + my support in your business for the rest of the year. You can even make 3 payments, if that’s helpful. 

If you want to join, and need a more stretched payment plan to be able to do it, hit reply and let us know so we can figure out how to make it work for you.

If the LIFT program and getting my direct support isn’t right for you right now, there’s lots of free places you can learn from me: listed below.

I’m here in service to your eyes wide open growth and evolution.

To your Guided path ahead, with eyes (and heart) wide open.  

Ali Katz

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Title: "SCRUM: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time" by Jeff Sutherland

We are happy to announce a brand-new section in our newsletter called Ali’s Reading Corner, where Ali will share her latest book recommendations and insights. To kick off this exciting addition, Ali is currently reading “SCRUM: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland and recommends to all of you that want to enhance productivity, time management and teamwork.

This is what my business team is implementing now to move from our prior methodology of getting it all done, and into a new more agile methodology.

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