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EEEEEE!!!!!! This is big news…

It’s been a LONG time coming. I’ve known I’d be writing my next book for years (my first book, the best-selling book on legal planning for parents, Wear Clean Underwear, was published back in 2008), but each time I sat down to write the proposal, it just didn’t feel ready.

While I had sense of the concepts for my next book, they hadn’t been fully tested in my own life.

I was in process and though I love to share while I’m in process (primarily these days via Facebook), I couldn’t write a book until I was on the other side.I knew I had a radically new understanding of why and how we were getting screwed over chasing financial freedom that could rarely, if ever, be reached and that there was another way (which I now understand asfinancial liberation) and I could see the vision and the big picture, I didn’t have enough detail level case studies of people I had seen through the process for me to truly KNOW that what I knew wasn’t just me making shit up.

And until I was truly SURE and had seen the proof with my own eyes, I simply couldn’t sell the book to a publisher.

Well, after a major astrological shift in my chart this past January, and many, many proven case studies including my own, I finally felt ready to get the book proposal finished.
I had a great agent, met with five big publishers last week and this week I got notice that the book has been picked up!The manuscript is due December 1. And the book will be published in the Fall of 2017.

Working title: Enough! The Money Wake-Up Call to Reclaim Your Time, Energy and Attention in Service to a Life Worth Living.

Over the next several days, we’ll have some big news to announce about how YOU can be part of this movement to support more people to come into right relationship with time, money and how we get paid.

Stay tuned …

With so much love,


PS — I’ve started recording an informal podcast series with a good friend of mine, George Kao, where we are talking about income models, how to choose them consciously, how to get into a place where you are investing consciously in how you build your income in alignment with your life, instead of chasing the next bright shiny thing that captures your attention that you may or may not need. I’ll let you know as soon as the first recording is available. Watch this space.