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Ever Want to Quit?

I wanted to quit, and it was all I could think about. Giving it all up, moving to a farm, growing my own food, and not having to earn any money.

This was at a time when I had already built two million dollar businesses, written a best-selling book and was known as a family, financial and legal expert on Good Morning America, the Today Show and more.

But, despite all the external appearance of success, I just wanted to run away from all of it.

So, I did. I walked away from everything I created, moved to a farm and filed bankruptcy.

I indulged the escape fantasy, ran away, and spent a year asking the question:

“What would I choose to do if I was only going to do it for free?”

“Who would I choose to be if never made another choice through the lens of money?”

“What do I really want my life to look and feel like?”

Now, in order to make the choice to walk away, I had to get in very close connection and right relationship with money. 

I had to break the reality I was living in of making every choice through the lens of money.

But I didn’t know that’s what was happening at the time. In fact, I really didn’t know WHAT was happening at the time.

Frankly, as you can see in this video recorded from my bathroom as I was packing up my house to move to the farm back in July of 2011, I thought I was going crazy.

Gratefully, this time around, while there are just as many tears, I do know what’s happening. I’m not going crazy, I’m upleveling.

And the answer to the question I asked in that video, and asked many times throughout my life when things I had seen visions of ended up happening: “was this a premonition or a self-fulfilling prophecy?” is yes. 

So stick with me here because this one can be a little hard to wrap your mind and head around, but it’s also important to try and understand and hold:

You really are creating everything. Where you direct your thoughts is creating your reality. And, you may even have some psychic awareness of what’s going to happen.

And, at the same time, it is all already happening.

What does that mean?

It means that all realities, all possible timelines for your life already exist, and all you are doing is choosing into the one that will serve the evolution of your soul.

The timeline I needed to choose back then was the one that would allow me to see my distorted relationship with money so I could wake up and create a new future reality not based on that distortion, and as a result heal the past generations of money dysmorphia and create a new future for myself and my family.

By doing so, I was able to step into this current reality — one in which the company I founded is likely to be at 8-figures in revenue this year, and I’m gearing up to build my next company, which will be a billion dollar transformer of the financial services industry, if I succeed. Yes, the vision is that big.

And, so, I need to not quit this time … 

When I forgot that I could choose into the timeline I was creating, I would fall into hopelessness and despair, believing I had ruined my life, and would never recover.

But the truth was I was just visiting a stage on the spiral that I needed to actually begin to learn to feel, and heal, all the pain of my lineage that had not been felt and healed up to that point, at that time specifically around money.

So now, as I’m revisiting many of the same feelings I was having then, this time I am not running. 

I am staying.

I am allowing myself to feel this desire to give up, and breathing with it, crying when needed, asking for help, and receiving the support to stay, move forward, and keep going.

This is what that looks like. Me, being held, as part of a 2-day offsite immersion with my business partner + COO, Andrew (not pictured) but watching this unfolding next to me as Molly Strong and Jana Ravenheart (formerly Kim Harrison) help me move through some big emotions as I feel a lot and expand my capacity for even more.

Molly and Jana built the first iterations of Simon Sinek’s companies, and now they are doing this — holding CEO/Founders like me through the expansion of their capacity into the change required for their own next level.

So, if you are also facing a lot of feelings around wanting to quit, or the fear of going to the next level … DO NOT GO THERE ALONE.

The very best investments you can make at this time are investments in expanding your capacity to feel more, heal more, and grow (or be part of) a business that you can count on for yourself, your family, and your community.

We are about to go into a recession, no doubt. Maybe even a depression. But if you are investing wisely now, you don’t have to freak out about it. Instead, you can utilize this time of transition to serve at an even greater level.

But that will require you to have the support you need to work with the fear, to work with the parts of yourself that want to quit, and to keep moving forward. 

Eyes Wide Open …

Lots of love,


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