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Busting the Pricing Myth of “Charging What You’re Worth”

Please join me in busting the myth that the answer to pricing is knowing your value or charging what you’re worth.

It’s such crap and screws so many people up, keeping you stuck in a paradigm of feeling unappreciated, undervalued, and not truly understanding the value of the work you are doing in the world.

YOU are priceless. And your pricing is not based on YOUR value or YOUR worth at all.

Pricing your services is a progressive journey…

In the beginning (when you are just starting to provide a service and don’t really understand who your market is and the value of your outcomes to your ideal clients)… your pricing is based on what you need to earn to provide your service in the time you have available. This is the foundation of our Money Map program.6b66956d9ecc88cdf3f0aca96d2d6400

When you are just starting out you do not know the value of what you are providing — market value is variable based on your market and the value they (the people you serve) place on the outcome you provide. This cannot be determined until you provide your service and get a clear understanding of that value based on actual experience.

So, the starting place must be the least you can charge without doing yourself the disservice of going negative to provide someone with your services. Unless, you are doing it consciously to build up your experience, get testimonials or tithe your time for a good case and because you have the available resources to do so.

The foundation of all of this comes from knowing what you need to earn and how much time you have to earn it and calculating what we call your Money Map number so you can price your services on a foundation of truth.

Over time, as you understand the value of the outcomes you provide (to the people you are providing it to and what it is worth to them)… your pricing is based on the value of what you provide to the people you provide it to. And it’s STILL not based on your worth or your value at all.

Because the value of your services are different from someone who has $1m in the bank than they are to someone who has $10 in the bank. That’s why choosing your ideal market is so important.

Are you with me in changing this continuing fallacy of “know your value and charge what you are worth?”

I would love hear from you about where you feel stuck around these issues yourself, so be sure to leave a comment below.

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