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I almost let this one get away …

I’m writing to you today from Tennessee where I’m staying in an extraordinary home with 25 of the most powerful, lit, grounded, feminine leaders I know. Some of these women have been instrumental in my becoming of the woman I am today. And, it has not always been easy for me to be with them. When I first came into relationship with them ten or so years ago, I was insecure, wounded, traumatized from my high school mean girl experiences, and did not trust that these women would love me.

But, they did. Oh how they loved me. They loved me right into the becoming of my woman, fully self-expressed, claiming all my parts, and today able to stand in the knowing of who I am, why I’m here, and what is mine to do.

I’ll be sharing more with you about them and my journey here at the event called Permission, as the week unfolds. Watch my Insta stories to follow my journey at Permission.

For now, though … I want to tell you about this one woman, Myka.

Ali Katz with Myka
When I first met her, she unknowingly provoked all of my jealousy, competitiveness and mean girl trauma.

I had been horribly hurt by the girls in high school when my sexuality began to come online in ways that were not safe for them, or for me.

I flirted with their boyfriends, not understanding the impact.

The girls responded by making sure everyone knew what a slut I was, and that I wasn’t welcome, well, anywhere.

I decided girls weren’t safe and carried that belief into my adult life.

And when I met Myka, I was quite sure she wasn’t safe. Nope, not at all.

So freaking smart. So very pretty. Entrepreneurial. And way cooler than me, for sure.

So I kept my distance.

Until I couldn’t anymore. She was just too compelling, and I had finally grown up enough to own my fear and my desire.

So I called her and told her.

“I feel competitive with you. I’m jealous. And scared. And, I want more closeness and connection with you.”

Maybe that was when we fell in love. Or at least I did.

She received me with grace, openness and appreciation, and we’ve been on the journey of life together ever since.

Now, so many years later, we are off to dive even deeper into the container of Permission together.

And next week Myka is hosting me for the WINC ~ Women In Community series “Summer of Abundance”, a free three-part speaker series for women entrepreneurs.

And, while Myka wants me there to talk about contracts and legal agreements, it’s going to be the juiciest conversation about legal stuff that you’ve ever heard … we’re going into the field of what it really means to be abundant, how your agreements (or lack thereof) impact your abundance, and how to find your way to the richest, most generous life, even in the face of the greatest tests and challenges.

Register for the Summer of Abundance Series here now

Join us, meet Myka, and get a whole new look at abundance, agreements, and how women can support each other in feminine leadership, so we can all grow together.

To our eyes (and heart) wide open life,

Ali Katz

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