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International Women’s Day

Queen … really?!

I used to resist being called “Queen” or the notion of being a Queen …

It felt so hierarchical, and my own personal felt experience of Queen energy wasn’t good. More aligned with Diva, or Ruler, or Monarch … and I didn’t want to be that.

I’m sure I have some not great past life memories living in my internal system, which I’ve worked on through family constellation work with the holistic therapist who serves our Eyes Wide Open membership community, of either being a Queen who hurt a lot of people rather than caring for them, or who was hurt by the Queen.

What about you? What’s your experience of Queen?

What do you think or feel when you imagine being called a Queen, or calling someone a Queen or seeing someone referring to themselves as a Queen?

Something has shifted inside of me.

I’m ready to embody the Queen, and it’s happening.

As I’ve come into my own young eldership, and healed a lot of the immature, disempowered parts of myself, I understand the Queen at a whole new level.

Queen is the archetype that comes after Mother and before Crone, and it’s the least understood or known archetype in our world of female archetypes, from what I can tell.

We know plenty about the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. 

But, the Queen? We see plenty of negative permutations of Queen through our Disney representations, but we don’t have too many relatable high vibe examples.

What can you think of? If you have any, please hit reply and share them.

And, as I’ve come to understand myself more, and my role in the world more, I am coming to honor and welcome that I get to role model a new form of Queen, at this stage of my life.

Marrying myself last year was an act of Queen’ing. Honoring myself in that way was me in my Queen, and inviting the community to participate in the celebration of my Life, and as you’ll see when you watch the full video (COMING SO SOON!) to marry me too … was an act of Queen’ing.

I Queen when I support my community with clean dynamics around money, sex and power. 

I hire a lot of people in my community, choosing to only work with people I love and that I love spending time with, being supported by them and supporting them.

As a maiden, I didn’t know how to keep the money, sex and power dynamics clean. I do now and I can see that it’s a critically important part of the role of Queen.

I Queen when I ensure that all those in my eco-system have their needs met before I indulge my own wants beyond our collective needs. Currently, I consider my eco-system to be those who are creating with me. One day, I will have the capacity to see my eco-system as more than those who are creating with me.

I’m discovering that this is a unique way of being that is not the norm, and that as my eco-system expands it becomes more and more of a capacity stretch for me to grow into … and it’s worth it.

This is all part of the ethos of enough, and I believe part of what it takes to create a world that comes back into alignment so we can all live in harmony. 

I Queen when I live by my desire, and my highest desire is to share the wealth, and ensure that all those who live and work and play with me have their needs met so we collectively come from a place of nourishment. 

And as we create more together, we can share in what we create, together.

To see and feel a piece of what Queen’ing is like in my eco-system, you can check out my most recent insta reel — day 26 or 27 (I’ve lost track) of #365forreels

For all you powerful women out there (and the men who stand next to them), thank you for embracing the beautiful parts of “Queen” – we need you to be a stand for this next iteration of a world in harmony.

I’m here with you. Happy International Women’s Day.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,
Ali Katz

Will I See You in Austin?

I’m Coming Back from Costa Rica to Attend the
INC23 Event in Austin … Here’s Why ….

I’m at a stage of my life where I could just move to Costa Rica, and give up on the US altogether, but doing that would be an abdication of my responsibility and leadership.

If you want to understand more about what I am seeing regarding our opportunity, duty and obligation as leaders, you can watch the recording of my presentation to my lawyer community about independent civic stewardship, and skip to 13:33 here

Everything I spoke to the lawyers about on this masterclass is relevant to each and every professional … we have a massive opportunity to make real change in our communities, and be the leaders we came here to be.

Watch, listen, and get inspired to get into relationship with people who you can unite with to create the change you want to see in the world.

Then, if you’d like to join me in Austin, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. If you are a lawyer or really any kind of professional who wants to leverage civic stewardship to build your client base and replace your networking and marketing costs with something far more meaningful, sign up here and come to the “Get Clients With Civic Stewardship Workshop” PLUS the Inc23 event. Use code pfl50off to take 50% off your ticket price.

  2. If you just want to attend INC and not work on your business with me, you can get your tickets here directly from INC23.

Either way, I’d love to see you there.

PS. While this event LOOKS political, if you think this is about “politics” and is too polarizing or doesn’t align with YOUR politics, please listen to the recording — we need you more than ever to see that politics isn’t what we’ve been told it is, and doesn’t have to be polarizing, but instead uniting. Specifically, listen at 24:11, 24:40 and 36:33, please. This matters.

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I was recently interviewed on Salem Radio Dallas, TX with host Gordon Griffin about What to Leave for The People You Love. The most important thing with protecting our family’s assets is actually not the three legal documents that every adult needs to have, but it is that we have created an inventory of our assets and we’ve left behind instructions on how to find those assets, where they are, what to do with them, and then ideally as well a trusted advisor to help our family make the right decisions during a time of grief and stress. And a trusted advisor is really going to be the best resource that you can lead to the people that you love. Somebody who knew you while you were living, knew what you wanted, and helped you to create the right legal documents. The right legal documents are a will, a healthcare directive, and a power of attorney for all adults. Anybody over 18 at least needs those legal documents.

Listen to a clip of the audio recording here!

Are you checking out Ali’s socials? She’s been live posting from Costa Rica, and this is going to be a big week you won’t want to miss. Catch Ali’s stories on Instagram or her Ali Katz “fan page” on Facebook.

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