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What Does It Really Mean to Be Free?

I’m shutting down the computer for the next week, as I’ll be floating down the Salmon River in a raft, listening to the Mother, learning from the flow of the water, and the whispers of the forest.

To me, this is what it means to truly be free. To have the privilege and the luxury to strip down to the minimum and remember how very little I actually need is everything. 

I am grateful for my willingness to say yes to this, as it would have been so easy to persuade myself that this is not the right time.

We’re in the final stretch of a 2-year process to reorganize New Law Business Model, relaunch the Personal Family Lawyer® brand, and so close to finishing a new edition of my best-selling book on legal planning for families, Wear Clean Underwear

And in these last moments before we reveal it all, everything not in alignment is coming up to be met. 

That’s what makes it even more important for me to make the time and space to listen now.

One of my superpowers throughout my life has been that spirit speaks to me, and I follow the guidance I receive.

In the past, I’ve had to get into a crisis reality to invoke and heed the call … like when I was in the midst of my divorce, or nearly losing my daughter to drugs, or in the darkest days of my dark night. But now I’m learning to listen before it gets so dire.

I hope this inspires you to do the same.

I would love to share this little bit of inspiration with you about freedom with your resources, from one of my last group coaching calls in the LIFT membershipRemember you don’t have to be forced into surrender. You can choose it right now. How? Get out into the wild. Remember how little you need. Free yourself from the idea that you need Amazon overnight delivery, microwave meals, and TV. 

Sometimes freedom looks like adding people to your team so that you CAN have the freedom to create experiences in your life while also having the security of knowing that things are still operating and getting done in your absence. 

Before I go and FULLY experience my freedom on the river, I wanted to introduce to you the newest member of the EWO team, Renee Honrada. I met Renee through another online community that she supports called the CREATE community, and I knew I wanted her here to support EWO and all of you. If you’re part of either one of my Facebook communities you might have seen that she has been posting already and helping to support those Facebook groups. Renée will also be attending all of the EWO live calls and supporting there as well. 

It brings me peace to know that this community has people in place, like Renee, who are excited about connecting and providing an elevated experience of this ecosystem. 

Freedom comes in many forms, you just have to be ready to receive it, and trust that you will be met with the support you need. 


See you next week. 



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Read this especially if you aren’t motivated by money

Whether we like it or not, money is the most powerful motivator of humans in our universe. To deny it means we cannot change it. To accept it, means we can work with it and use it for the good we are here to create in the world, and to become the best possible humans we can be.

Now to be clear, money as a powerful motivator does not have to be a bad thing. I’ve done a lot of things motivated by money that were good, and that I would not have done otherwise.

For example, I’ve lived with my ex-husband, my kids’ father (his name is Todd), for almost all of the 17 years since our divorce in 2005 and co-parented our kids in closer relation than we probably would have if we had unlimited resources. Now, looking back, I am so glad that we were “forced” by our financial reality to do what we would not have otherwise chosen to do. 

We had to find a way to make it work, so we did. And we both grew into the best versions of ourselves, as a result.

But, if money hadn’t been an issue, we would have just avoided it all.

So, if we accept money as a powerful motivator, then what? How do we get into right relationship with money, especially if we do not believe we are motivated by money?

I believe it begins with understanding the way that money motivates us, is used to control us, and how we can break free of the power and greed hooks embedded into money and our financial system, so that we can take back our power, and remember who we are, why we are here, and what is ours to do.

I recorded a Facebook Live this week about Life Purpose + Inheritance that you might want to watch, if you are interested in such things.

The secret to breaking free is to really understand what is enough, and how easily you can create it in your own life, when you see how little you really need.

And, I am by no means saying you should not have what you want or desire. I love the bougie AF life. And, I’m not trapped by it.

If I need to live in my van down by the river, I can. I don’t need much, and I sure do want a lot, and my Desire is insatiable. I’m in right relationship with each of the levels. And I want you to be too, so that you deny none of it, and own all of it. This is where your power resides.

It’s the artificial scarcity of our money system tied with a belief that we need more than we really do that keeps us on the hamster wheel, and then makes this hope, dream and possibility of the airdrop of a million dollars (or as my most recent text scammer promised me, a share of the $78M Powerball winnings) SEEM like the ticket to freedom. 

That’s the lie that keeps us all trapped.

Let’s stop.

Know what enough is for you, and how little you actually need. Know what you truly want. And acknowledge the truth of your likely insatiable Desire.

Stop pretending that money isn’t motivating you, and get into right relationship with money as the most powerful motivator in the universe so we can use that motivation to motivate the good we desire to see in ourselves, and across the planet.

It starts with enough.

If you need support getting clear on what enough is for you, I created a course that will be really helpful for you. You can get it for just $111 here

On another note, and speaking of Enough … I’m going to remember how very little I really need by spending a week outdoors, in the arms of Mother Nature, on the River … to re-wild myself. I’ll be back with my learnings the first week of August.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open life,


While Ali’s away, if you’re a lawyer, we’ve got two resources for you that you are going to want to check out (and, honestly, they are really great whether you are a lawyer or not, if you are building a professional services business of any kind) … 

Watch as Kim Rockwood shares the time management strategies that allowed her to build her law practice to $40k/mo as a Personal Family Lawyer before she retired from her practice to come teach lawyers with us at New Law Business Model.

You can watch here.

3 Time Management Strategies For Consistent Law Practice Growth

Then, after that, you may want to get the replay of the Ali Live that Ali hosted for her lawyer community yesterday, it was sooo good! It was on How to Use Free Marketing to Attract More Clients. Yes, it’s about law practice clients, but again really applicable to any professional services business.

Register to get the recording here.

How to Use Free Marketing to Consistently Attract More Law Practice Clients​