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This business model saved my booty (+ pics from NYC!)

I’m glad so many of you have been helped by my recent series on
lifestyle practice,legacy business, how to know where you are
on the path and what’s right for you.

You can get caught up on the past posts here:

The first step to master in business — lifestyle.

From lifestyle business to legacy business — is it
really for you? 
Today, I want to share with you the business model that has been,
hands down, the single best one for me — both on the lifestyle side
and with the greatest hope for legacy (still locking in that part).
The business model I love the most is a recurring revenue
model. And having it in place totally saved my ass.
Back in 2010-2012 when I began the stage of my greatest
transformation (read: was totally losing my shit and questioning
everything), I needed to completely stop doing pretty much
anything business related for about 18 months.
I had to discover the 100% authentic truth of myself completely
separate from any money motivation.
That meant no more private client work for a while.
That meant no more selling products and programs.
And yet, I still had a family to support.
Gratefully, by that point, I had developed a recurring revenue
model that would continue to provide me and my family with
enough income to live, minimally, on my farm, while I found myself.
By that point, I had developed enough content that my members
happily paid the business I had created $197-$497/mo in recurring
revenue every month without me having to create anything new.
That income was enough to support a small team and my family
while I figured my shit out.
Whats funny is that I wasn’t sure I would ever want to create anything
new for the members of that business again, but coming out the
other side of that 18-month break, I was completely energized
to re-build and now it’s the foundation of the legacy business I
am creating to last forever.
I’ll share more of the story with you tomorrow.
In the meantime, if you’d like to learn the model yourself from the
guy who is literally the best in the business (and who I wish
I had learned directly from myself way back then — maybe the
business would already be a legacy business by now), now you
can and you don’t need to pay the $5,000/per person he’s charged
for his in-person workshops in the past.

He’s created a super cool free online workshop to teach you the model
and you can get it right here:

You can learn the recurring revenue business model and whether
it’s right for you here
Over the next few days, I’ll share more of my lifestyle and
legacy business building stories.
If you have questions that you’d love to see me focus on
hit reply (or if you are reading this on the blog or Facebook)
post in the comments.
Love beyond,
PS — I’m in NYC this week with my daughter. She’s been
here for 9 weeks for the Hip Hop Dance Intensive she’s
been attending and this weekend is the big performance.

This business model saved my booty (+ pics from NYC!)

While I’m here I got to hang out with Selena Soo, creator
of the program, Impacting Millions and PR-maven to the
leaders of our industry, like Kimra Luna.
She reminded me that these stories of my long history in
this interesting online business industry may not be traditional
media worthy, but they do help those of you up and comers
so much to find your way along the path of aligning your life
and income.
So, I’ll keep telling them.
Finally, I got to meet with one of my long-time lawyer members,
Erach Screwvala, who has been in my membership program
for 2.5 years and I’m excited to support him in taking his law
practice even higher in the years to come.
This business model saved my booty (+ pics from NYC!)
Best, best, best part is that I still got to serve my members
and love them up throughout my travels because of the
systems and team I’ve built to support it all.

It’s been a lot of work, but so so so worth it.

I can see legacy at the end of this tunnel!

If you want to invest your time, energy, attention and