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An Ode to Monday

Last Monday, I entered the Priestess Temple with some of the women who are nearest and dearest to my heart.

Women that I dreamed of and longed to have in my life ten years ago. Women who have watched me emerge from the goo of my cocoon into the chrysalis of my butterfly and are now witness to my near-complete transformation.

It was in San Francisco. On a Monday.

A full day away from work, and family, and life with a little “l” and into the heart of Life Herself. The most nourishing form of self care I can imagine, the arms and hearts and medicine of my Sisters.

Julia, the sister who organized the gathering (and who is one of the most inspiring examples of “how to sister” that I know), reminded me while I was there to see the significance of this happening on a Monday.

For most of my lifetime, I have dreaded Mondays. Mondays were the day I had to stop doing what I wanted to do and get back to the program. Mondays meant commute. Mondays meant work.

Mondays meant my freedom was over for another week.

Now, Mondays mean whatever I want them to mean. Usually, that’s coaching our Law Business Success Coaches, leading my Executive Team Meeting and reviewing financials and sales metrics.  And, that’s all because I’ve decided that’s what I love to do on Mondays.

I do all that from my home, either at the kitchen table, up in my bedroom or on the back patio. My laptop travels.

And on occasion, I can shift it all up and spend a Monday afternoon and night with my Sisters, in ceremony, doing the real work.What’s amazing about this is that I was able to create this Ode to Monday in my life even while running two companies, each of which is immersed in multiple BIG projects, raising my kids, and being a friend and partner to my beloveds.

So my invitation to you, whatever you have going on in your life is to create your own Ode to Monday. Go to your calendar right now and pick a Monday some day in the future, and mark yourself out of the office. Then, plan something you consider luxurious.

It could be a picnic with your pup in the park. Or, a mani/pedi date with a friend. Or a full on Priestess Gathering or Bro-Down. The best part about your Ode to Monday? You get to create it!

Then, begin to consider how you might be able to shift whatever you currently do on Mondays to make it more enjoyable. Use your calendar to block off the time for your highest priority, highest impact activities.  That’s how I chose mine, so I could begin the week with what’s most important.

If you are still in a job you don’t love, block Mondays (or part of them) off for the activities you need to engage in so you can make a transition into work you do love.

Create your own Ode to Mondays!  And thank my Sister Julia Allison for the vision and the possibility.

Love beyond the beyond,