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money map review

Who Is the Money Map NOT For?

Yesterday on the webinar, someone asked a very important question — who is this program NOT for?

The Money Map is not for you if you are committed to the false security provided by the old/current system.

I will teach you how to trust yourself and invest in yourself in ways that feel in total integrity to you, but may look unusual to those around you still stuck in old beliefs.

You will learn to leverage your credit score in the smartest way possible to access the resources necessary to fund your dreams and to use your retirement account to create real security for your future, which will likely result in you firing the financial advisor who doesn’t really know you and has you invested in a traditional, formulaic mix of stocks and bonds.

You will take true control of your financial future from a place of sovereignty rather than societal norms.

If you have a bad credit score already, you will forgive yourself for past mistakes and clean it up in the best way possible so you can start again and give yourself the benefit of those teachings.

During our time together, I will let you in on all I have discovered as I broke free of these realities and found what I now understand to be true security and liberation.

I will share my learnings of how to use the current system, not for personal gain, but for the collective gain (which does begin with your own well-being, education and care).

This is not for everyone.

It’s definitely “edgy” and many of the things I learned I would not have believed myself had I not experienced them.

As you know if you’ve been here a while and gone through the Accelerated Course, this is not just a program about money.  It’s a course in discovering what’s really most important to you, how you want to show up in the world, and discovering and leveraging resources that are even more valuable than money.

Yes, the Program will lead you to the money you need to have the life you want, but only if you are willing to let go of old, crustified beliefs around right and wrong, good and bad, easy and hard, simple and complex, love and hate, fight and surrender, money and value, enough and more — and instead find your own, deeper truths.

If you are, I’m ready to take you there. If you are not, that’s okay too.  I send you blessings and best wishes on your path.

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