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Clarity Comes After You Commit (How I’m Acquiring a $5.2M Retreat Center Post-Bankruptcy) – Ali Shanti

Since my birthday this past November, a huge amount of magic has happened and I’m ready to share it with you.

There’s both a lesson and an invitation here for you.

If you want to read more than I’ve shared here, you can begin here.

If you’ve been here a while, you’ve watched the ups and downs of my journey with some degree of up close and personal.

If you haven’t, you can review the history by starting here, and then going here, and then finally spend a little time on the blog here.

And, if you want to read about the backlash I’ve received along the way, just google my name. It’s all there in living color.

It would have been so easy to give up at any point along the way, and believe that I had screwed it all up beyond the point of no return, and I should just hide out in my bed until the end of my days.

But, all along, I kept trusting my heart, knowing that while it appeared that I was making wrong choices from the outside, I was simply taking the road less traveled and facing the resistance each step of the way, in service to something far greater than even I could necessarily see, at any point.

I’ll be writing far more about the journey over the coming months.

But today, I want to share with you the culmination of many years of commitment to trusting that my heart knew what was right, and if I could keep listening to her, I would be guided to the clarity I needed to understand the purpose of it all.

This past week, I signed the paperwork to “acquire” a very special land in Boulder, known as the Starhouse.

Clarity Comes After You Commit
Starhouse in Boulder Image by Pacha

I put “acquire” in quotes because this land cannot truly be owned, at least not in the traditional sense.

She was created for the purpose of being the connection point between heaven and earth, supporting those of us who are here to remember why we are here, what is ours to do, and how to do it.

Anyone that has tried to come in and acquire this land for any other purpose over the past 7 years it has been on the market has been unable to close the deal.

I could feel that the land herself was blocking each transaction. I know that may sound crazy, but it’s true. And for one reason or another, one buyer after another dropped out.

Two years ago, I began working with the current owners to have a better understanding of what they needed (this is the core of my work around “Enough” and the Money Map) in order to transition this land to her next stewards.

And to understand what the land herself wanted.

I watched many potential purchasers come and go, some of them had great ideas, plans and visions. And it became clear to me over that process that each one, despite the best intentions were overlooking something integral to the transition.

They were unwilling to commit without being able to see exactly how they would profit from the transaction.

While some of them could see the huge potential on the land, they could not get their minds to align with the reality that they would have to make a full commitment to this land before being able to see exactly how the land would support them.

Full commitment precedes clarity.

I want to repeat this again here because it’s the number one lesson I’ve gained from this entire experience …

Full commitment precedes clarity.

About three months ago, I realized that what Starhouse was asking for was my full commitment without the full clarity of how I would make it all happen.

And, what Starhouse was asking for was for David and Lila (the current owners/stewards) to make a full commitment without the full clarity of how it would all happen.

So, I felt the fear, and said yes to doing it anyway. I committed. Ring on the finger, “I have no idea how I am doing this, but I am doing it and giving it everything I have” commitment.

In the process, David and Lila agreed to finance the sale, effectively no money down to give me plenty of time to raise what we would need, which none of us had anticipated at the time of our mutual commitment.

And we signed the first stage legal documents and had a big engagement party to celebrate last Thursday night.

Since the moment of my commitment, the most magical, synchronistic, I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t getting to watch it ringside events have occurred.

The exact right people have shown up, moment by moment. The money I’ve needed at each step of the way has shown up, moment by moment.

The creative ideas and visions that I had years ago, but had long forgotten or put on the shelf (to be done twenty years from now, I thought), are coming back alive, and ready to be made manifest.

Things I said I would NEVER do (because I was too scared, frankly) are being called forth from and through me.

Each step of the way I am being reminded that commitment precedes clarity.

And it is so often our waiting to know exactly how something will happen that keeps the first step from being taken.

Please let this message be an inspiration to you to stop waiting for full clarity of how something will happen and to dive into your commitment of what you Desire to create in this world.

Allow your Desire to lead you into the space that’s necessary for the magic to happen to support your dreams.

Yes, magic is possible. When your life is aligned with all of Life, the Universe conspires to provide everything you need.

There will be a stewardship circle coming together, made up of people who desire to commit their time, energy, attention and money to this land in service to Her as well as to their own personal evolution.

It will include support from me and the other founder’s circle members, as well as from the land Herself, so you can see your own dreams of a new relationship with yourself, with others, with work, and money, and business and the planet be realized.

If you have an inner knowing that you belong to the Starhouse land, or if you have a sense that it is time for you to belong to sacred land, please let me know. Send an email to [email protected]. We should talk.

So much more to come.

With so much love,