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Good Debt, Alignment,
OneTaste Arrests + LIFT

It’s shocking to me what can be accomplished when I’m aligned, and how Life shows up with literally everything I need so that I can take the biggest risks, and see them pay off in spades.

And, when I’m not aligned, it’s equally shocking to see how bad it can get.

It’s the same for you — alignment is the single most important life and business growth hack I know, and if you don’t know what “alignment” is, it can be quite difficult to know if you are out of alignment, and how it’s impacting you.

Back in October of 2021, I was way out of alignment, and I almost lost my Company (again) as a result.

Fortunately, this time, I was able to see it, and once I did, I knew what to do to turn things around. It wasn’t easy, by any means, but it was far easier than losing my Company would have been.

Sure, I could have rebuilt from scratch. I’ve done it before. But gratefully, I found the way back to alignment faster this time, and didn’t need to go all the way to rock bottom to get there. Phew.

On June 21, at 1pPT, I’m going to introduce you to my secret weapons in the alignment game. 

Molly Strong and Jana Wilder built Simon Sinek’s company with him (Molly as his EA and then head of product and Jana as CEO), and then left to go on their own wild journey of alignment, and now I’m intro’ing them to you so you can hear how they helped me see where I wasn’t in alignment, and the growth strategy we created together once I was back on track. 

If you want to join us, use this link to register.

Also on June 21 (a big day apparently), I’m going to be sharing a Mastercourse I have created on how to use credit to fund the growth of your law practice into a business you love.

Now, technically this is just for lawyers because it’s an event hosted by New Law Business Model. 

But, truth be told, it’s for anyone in business that needs to use credit wisely. And, if you want to join us, whether you are a lawyer or not, you can do that here.

Learning to access capital via the world of business credit has been one of the wisest (and scariest) journeys I’ve gone on, but it’s absolutely critical if you want to be able to bootstrap your business to success without running out of money along the way.

I want to mention something that I’m not ready to talk about in full, but that I’ll write more about on Medium this week or next. 

One of my former teachers, Nicole Daedone, and her top student, were indicated by the Federal Government and the student, Rachel, was arrested. I was a student of Nicole back in 2011-2013 time frame. When I was there, I did not see or experience the type of abuse that was brought forward in the documentary on Netflix about OneTaste, Orgasm Inc. Over the years, I’ve hired a number of former OneTaste team members, and I’m well aware of their trauma patterns from years of their work at OneTaste. And I have a lot to say about the indictment of Nicole and Rachel.

I imagine for some of us, it’s our greatest fear. I used to have a looping thought around “getting in trouble” and there’s no worse trouble than an indictment by the US Government. So much here to say … and I will, on Medium when I get some time in the next few weeks.

Finally, I have a big announcement coming about LIFT and the overall Eyes Wide Open brand. It’s all getting a big makeover/upgrade/renovation that will include a shift in how we offer LIFT … what that means is that if you’ve wanted to get LIFT in your business and have 100% confidence about your legal, insurance, financial and tax decisions as you grow, you’ll want to get LIFT now. Watch for a special code + pricing coming next week. But check it out now, so you are ready to enroll once the special pricing code is available.

To your Guided path ahead, with eyes (and heart) wide open.  
Ali Katz

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