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Heart-breaker lessons from the Scribe Media
“shut down” and layoffs

I spent last weekend writing about the Scribe Media “shut down” and layoff of 80 team members with zero notice and no severance, and what we can learn from it. You can read the article here.

When I heard about the debacle, I was quite impacted because I’m a client of Scribe (they published my last two books) and because it touched my greatest fear as a business leader, reminding me of when I did something similar in 2010, and I wasn’t too far away from a similar decision just one year ago — but, because of the lessons I’m sharing with you in my article, I didn’t spiral down last year. 

Instead, I turned it around, and today our Company is even stronger..

If you are a CEO or founder, you’ll want to read the 4 lessons I’m taking away from the Scribe Media debacle here. It’s long, but worth the read as it could save you years of heartache and pain. 

And, if you are one of the new subscribers here who came to me from the Wealthy Woman Vault/Matriarch offer, and think you are not a CEO or founder – YOU ARE! 

You may not think of yourself that way, but you are and it’s time for you to start recognizing it, and acting like it — in a feminine leadership matriarchal way, of course. 🙂 

If you are here because you got the Enough Course, and you haven’t dove in yet, let this message from Lauren inspire you to schedule time to get in there this weekend:

How What Happened at Scribe Ties Into the Journey to Financial Liberation

In each of our journeys through life and entrepreneurship, we will be guided to let go — it’s a key stage on the Journey to Financial Liberation – DETACH — and Amanda and I spoke about it in the podcast episode released on the Guided podcast this week. 

We can look at what happened at Scribe Media as the result of a DETACH phase on the spiral path to liberation that “forced” JeVon McCormick, the Scribe CEO, into liberation he may not have thought he wanted, but that Life wanted for him.

Within the 4-stage spiral path framework, JeVon has now been liberated of his responsibilities to Scribe and he’s been liberated of a significant amount of financial resource he was controlling because Life is forcing him back into alignment with his values, and into a greater degree of stewardship of the amount of resource he had been given to steward.

So many lessons for each of us to learn on our own journeys. A primary lesson here is that when we don’t choose alignment, Life will often force it on us.

It’s why I spent a full day last week working on my next book to outline the 4 stages of the Journey to Financial Liberation and how we can each map our path, eyes wide open.

It’s very clear to me that if I don’t “force myself” aka “choose”, Life will find a way to make the space for it to happen, and I’d rather be in choice than force. So I invested $10,000 and a full day to work with a book editor, complete the outline and decide if I want to self-publish or create a book proposal and go the traditional publisher route.

I’ll have to write up a whole post or do a podcast on what went into the decision I made. Or maybe I’ll post it in the Eyes Wide Open FB group.

In the meantime, if you need help making eyes wide open decisions and want to know which of my offerings would be best to support your own next stage of alignment, come on into the Eyes Wide Open Revolution group here on FB, and watch this video.

To your Guided path ahead, with eyes (and heart) wide open.  
Ali Katz

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