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My new mentor from Egypt …
and learnings about wealth + royalty

My trip to Egypt with my kids was a game-changer, but not in the way that peak experiences have been for me in the past.

This one is taking some time to unfurl through my soul. 

And, I finally understand the value of taking space to allow for the integration, instead of just running from one thing to the next.

Not only that, but I have the fortune now to have the space. I seem to be much less interested in travel, events, community and a lot more interested in being with myself, contemplating my work, and deepening in my self love. 

If you want to hear more of where I am and what’s resonating through me as I integrate, be sure to mark your calendar for this Monday when my podcast launches! 

Yessireebobber … finally, Guided: the Courage to Listen and Act with me and my co-host Amanda Goolsby is launching on Monday.

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I do have some learnings from Egypt ready to share with you, and one of them is quite surprising about a new mentor I found.

Her name is Hatshepsut, and she was the only female pharaoh to be called King. And while she embodied the King energy through her rulership, she is reported to have ruled in a particularly feminine way bringing peace and prosperity to Egypt during her reign.

So I’m looking to Hatshepsut as an energetic mentor and contemplating the question of what shifts for me if I embody more of my own King energy while at the same time retaining my particular characteristics and qualities of a very feminine leader.

Much more to come on that, but what I can say is that this idea of embodying my King energy is influencing many of my decisions.

The biggest decision that I’m facing next is whether to completely deconstruct and rebuild Eyes Wide Open and the entire It’s All Happening Eco-System … 

It’s All Happening is the umbrella entity that covers all of my Companies … New Law Business Model, Personal Family Lawyer, Eyes Wide Open, and the future LIFTed Advisors … and it seems that the thing I imagined “all happening” when I created the Company back in 2012 has now caught up with itself, and it is actually all happening. 

The reconstruction and reconfiguration will require a major commitment of time, energy, attention and money for me to do it. 

But, I believe it’s worth it. 

Like “life’s work” level commitment and worth it-ness.

And, all of the necessary people and resources are showing up in my life, at just the right time for me to be a big yes.

Chief of Staff
Head of Brand
Head of Tech
Head of Revenue

Check, check, check, check.

All major investments in human resources, and totally worth it.

I made some big mistakes in these arenas over the past few years, and we still grew significantly, so I have more faith than I’ve ever had that Life truly does have my back. I can make mistakes, learn from them, keep growing, and keep going.

Which means I’m gathering all of my financial resources to make these investments in the humans I need to take my work to the next level, and it’s one of those moments where I get to practice intending, surrendering, and trusting.

It helps that I’ve got my “eyes wide open” financial practices dialed in. And, if you want a peak into what that looks like, make sure you are part of the Eyes Wide Open (R)evolution group — it’s free, and I share my practices with you there, so you can use them too.

Plus, we just updated and posted the new We Create the Economy 7-Day Series, and if you haven’t seen it, you should get in there and check it out. And, I shared my mid-month financial review practice there in my last post.

What’s become clear to me is that I’m on a mission to transform the way we think about the use of our individual and collective resources. From a focus on “generational wealth” to “regenerative wealth”; from a focus on “passive income” to “aligned income”; from a focus on “financial freedom” to “financial liberation” — our current models of earning, using, investing, and passing on money are based in old scarcity paradigms that I’m here to understand, transmute, alchemize and shift.

I’m so glad you’re here to do all that with me.

I look forward to seeing you on the socials, or on an upcoming call or class, all of which are listed below.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,
Ali Katz

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