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Egypt + Wealthy Women
& Wow, It’s Now!

First of all, welcome to all of you who are new from the Matriarch Collective’s Wealthy Woman Vault. I am thrilled you made it here. It’s quite clear to me that feminine income models are the future, and whether you are in a male or female body, you may want to start learning about money from the women who are tapping into education and tools and styles of doing business that have been sorely missing from our traditional business reality.

In service to that, if you have not yet spent $55 to get access to the Wealthy Woman Vault, you can do that here … price doubles tomorrow.

If you want to see what I mean by feminine income models, check out this highlight reel I’ve put together on Insta with women in business who I’m inspired by because of their uniquely feminine take on creating “we” economy businesses … it’s taken me a long time to find the women I’ll share here, and this past week in Egypt has confirmed for me that we need this now more than ever.

Speaking of Egypt … 

I’m on a 10-day cruise from Aswan to Cairo with my kids and 187 epic humans as part of the Wow, It’s Now! Trip with the Daybreaker Community.

We’re less than half way through, and it’s already been a WOW experience, even with my kids both getting a stomach flu thing yesterday, which on the brightside is giving me the time and space to write this newsletter because I am mostly not leaving the room tonight. 

This trip is created by super entrepreneurial, empowered moms and community leaders Miki and Radha Agrawal. Both incredibly inspiring women.

You may know Miki as the founder of Thinx, Tushy, and soon to announce her next project that will revolutionize the diaper industry and solve a major landfill issue. And, her twin Radha is the co-founder of Daybreaker and author of the book Belong.

For all the in the moment experiences, track my instagram stories, and specifically you can check out the Egypt highlight. And, if you love learning from my in the moment story of how I’m doing what I’m doing, day by day … check out the “am practice” highlight, where I check in each and every day to focus myself + give you a view in to what’s happening, as it’s happening.

A few previews here … the kids and I finally got a few photos together. Quite full range, as you’ll see …

Part of what’s happening for me while I’m here is that I’m getting more and more rooted into what I need to do to focus most of my time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) resources on telling my story in a comprehensive, compelling and meaningful way.

I’ve been building my body of work, and my Companies, so that when I finally had a story worth telling — and I knew I would one day because that’s how I navigate my life choices (what would the heroine of my favorite novel do here that would have me cheering her on?) — that the Companies I had built would be ready to catch and serve those inspired by the message.

It felt somewhat irresponsible to me to inspire you and then not have a way to serve you to actually take action on the inspiration. 

And, in the reality of how it all links together, and at the same time, building the Companies and the bodies of work, is what has created the story.

Some of the things I’m learning here in Egypt … 

I need more women in my life who inspire me in the ways I need inspiration.

Today, I have a lot of incredible women in my life. 

35-year old women who are right where I am —  building bodies of work and businesses that are at least 15-years ahead of the game of where I was at 35. And, yes, I’m inspired by them, but also they are peers, so not ahead of me in a way where I can learn what I need to see for my next level.

50-60 year old women who have raised their kids, and built their businesses, similar to how I have … they’ve done it really well, and I think they are amazing, but they haven’t created anything that I haven’t either seen or done myself yet.

So, what’s missing for me?

The women who are creating or who have created in ways that blow my heart and mind open.

On this trip, I’ve identified two so far … 

One of them is 1000’s of years old. Hatshepsut, the Queen who became King. I’m learning so much from the way she claimed and held her power. Full integration of masculine and feminine.

The other is Beatriz Ferandez, the co-founder of Crepes and Waffles, one of the biggest restaurant chains in Colombia. They serve 24M people a year with her food. She has 8,000 employees. And this restaurant business is built on a foundation of love, art, music, dance and beauty. WOW! I’m excited to share more of this feminine business artist with you. For now, you can check her out in my inspiring women highlight on Insta.

Okay, that’s it for now … time for the Temple of the day, Seti and Oseirion in Abydos.

More soon … 

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,
Ali Katz

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