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Wow, a lot has happened —
Eyes Wide Open update

If you are new here, welcome. It’s great to start to get to know you. I send out these email notes just about every week to keep you updated on what I’m seeing, experiencing and feeling because I have a view into what’s happening on many levels — economically, spiritually, and globally —  that over the past 20 years I’ve come to trust to support myself and you to create life awake, aware and on your terms.

It’s more important than ever, as we’re in the midst of a war on consciousness, and it’s your consciousness that is in the midst of it.

What’s great about that is that it validates how much you truly matter. Please never forget that … YOU MATTER.

And, I’m here to keep reminding you of that.

If you’ve been here for a long-time, you know — welcome back. Hi. So glad you’ve stuck with me here over all these years. A lot is changing now, and it’s getting even more important.

Here’s how I’m handling all the change — getting into my body with a new type of physical practice that I’m extremely excited to share with you about once I get into it more. It may look like yoga, but it’s far different. More soon on that …

On that note, so much has changed since I last wrote. 

I first started writing this message to you as I was on the flight back from Costa Rica to Boulder and I’m finishing it now nearly two weeks later.

To catch you up, I spent the Winter in Costa Rica, from December 24, 2023 to March 30th, 2024 (overstayed my visa by a couple of days, and it didn’t seem to be a problem).

Now, less than two weeks later, and so much has occurred already.

I led our Q2 Practical Magic 3-year strategic vision planning workshop last Saturday. If you want the recording, hit reply so we can get you a link to buy the recording, and when you do, we’ll include the Q1 January edition as well. They are so different, you will love both.

Before that, I attended the INC 23 event in Austin, where we hosted 20 of our amazing independent minded, and heartful lawyers, and where I spoke on three panels plus did a mini-Ted style talk on the power of AI for your business — and what you can do in business right now to prepare for AI.

To listen to my AI talk, go here for a raw unedited version.

To see bits of my panel presentations, be sure to follow my Insta, where I’ll be sharing them as soon as they are ready.

Now, I’m here in Boulder only until April 27th, when I leave for a ten-day trip to Egypt with the Daybreaker crew. WOW! I just had a reading with a new Human Design reader I met (a woman who worked directly with Ra before he died), and the first thing I said to her on the call was “I’m not sure what you can tell me that’s different than what I’ve already been learning for the past 11 years I’ve known about my HD” and the first thing she said to me was “Oh, well you are about to enter your Chiron return, and your chart is changing. You’ll be going from a 1/3  Profile to a 5/2 Profile” — What/what!? Have you heard of such a thing?

And, it happens on the exact day I leave for Egypt … so apparently this Egypt trip is very important for me, and it has me more committed than ever to ensure everything on this end is in place to prepare me for this shift. 

That means I’m investing a lot of energy this April while I’m grounded here in Boulder to host a number of online events that will contribute to my legacy work, regardless of what happens in Egypt.

This is one of the ways I use death to motivate me. I ask myself everyday, what would I want left behind if today was my last day on Earth. And it becomes even more real knowing that I’m traveling internationally, and that I’m entering a portal in which I’ll come back a changed woman.

For more of my experience of how I use death to motivate me in ways, check out this post I just made on Insta — I’m dying.

And, for just a minute right now, ask yourself … if you knew this was your last day, what would you do differently today? Consider asking yourself that everyday, and see what changes in your life and your choices.

If that’s too immediate, expand it out to a month, or perhaps even a year … there’s no wrong way to do it. Just consider though that contemplation of death is part of what makes the people of Bhutan the happiest people on the planet, and it’s available to all of us, right now.

Life becomes better when we remember we are dying.

Before I sign off for today, I want to give you a little view into what’s changed for me since I left for Costa Rica on December 24th. 

Before I left, I was taking CBD everyday to feel good, navigating one of the greatest challenges of my life as a leader, and while I loved my Boulder community, I wasn’t fully satisfied. I needed the CBD I was taking to feel happy. Or at least I thought I did.

I landed in Costa Rica, took it one day, and realized I didn’t need it anymore. The land of Costa Rica was all the feel good I needed. Fascinating. 

I’m going to be speaking more about my experience of Costa Rica today on a short call hosted by friends of mine who wanted to know how I chose community, why I chose the community I did and to ask me questions about it — you are invited to join, if you post #community on this Facebook post, so we can get you the invite.

Would be great to see you there … 

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,
Ali Katz

PS  … quick note to save the date 4/19 at 9:30amPT / 12:30pmET — I’m going to be hosting a free masterclass workshop with a friend of mine and Futurepreneur, and you’re going to want to be there, live if at all possible. Registration details will be out this week. But for now, just mark the date and time in your calendar so you can join in.

LAWYERS, SAVE THE DATE FOR MY NEXT MASTERCOURSE! Yes, it’s a Mastercourse, not just a Masterclass because I’m teaching you exactly what I teach in my $10k bootcamp training.

How to Price Your Legal Services and Quote Your Fees​

How to Price Your Legal Services and Quote Your Fees

April 18th at 3:00 PM ET/ 12:00 PM PT

Early on in my law practice, I almost gave up and walked away because I couldn’t figure out how to price my services and quote my fees. It cost me years and tens of thousands of dollars (probably actually hundreds of thousands) in lost clients, and a great deal of my self confidence.

Until I finally figured out what was going wrong, and where. I invested $22,340 to work with consultants to document my discovery, and create a fee quoting system + a pricing model and schedule that has gone on to help close to 3,432 lawyers change the way they charge for their services, and that now over 500 lawyers are successfully using on the daily to get hired by 10-40 clients a month, with very little “I have to think about it” or “let me get back to you — <crickets>” or “thanks, we’ll let you know.”.

Instead, they get to yes every time, and I’m going to teach you the exact system PLUS give you my million dollar (should be called hundred million dollar) fee schedule … on April 18th at 3pET. Save the date. Registration coming tomorrow for those in our Lifestyle Lawyer’s Club Facebook group.

In this live event, I will show you how to pivot from hourly or low flat fees to a better pricing model we call  “Affordable Premium Fees”. Learning a better pricing and fee quoting model could be the difference between having a law practice and a life you love and hating your life as a lawyer. 

And it’s not just about how to price your services, but also in how you present them, so when you attend the event you’ll learn:

  • My proven fee quoting system that guides your clients to choose their own fee, so the question is not whether they are going to hire you, just what they are going to pay

  • Plus, I’ll be giving you the exact fee schedule that over 500 lawyers are now using to consistently engage 80%+ of the clients they meet with at an average fee of $4500-$6500, even in small communities where other lawyers charge just $1500

Join our Facebook group here to get the first invite, as soon as it’s ready.


Smart Lawyers Position to Transition Podcast with Victoria Collier​

Smart Lawyers Position to Transition Podcast with Victoria Collier

Find out how building meaningful connections and relationships with clients can bring the highest value and purpose to your legal career. In this episode I share my inspiring journey from working in one of the best law firms in the country to creating a successful law practice based on lifelong client relationships beyond just legal advice. Tune in to learn more about how to create a more fulfilling legal career. Listen to the show here or listen on Apple Podcasts.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure about your direction in life, I highly recommend giving this episode a listen where I joined Raj Jana on his “Stay Grounded” podcast to discuss living the vision of your life.

In ALI KATZ: LIVING THE VISION OF YOUR LIFE episode we talked about my personal journey towards discovering my own vision, and the tools and practices I use to stay grounded and aligned with my purpose. We also delved into the importance of being true to yourself, especially after experiencing bankruptcy, and shared practical tips for cultivating clarity and intention in your life.

I truly believe that when we are aligned with our vision, life becomes more FULFILLING and ABUNDANT.

Beyond Sales Strategies: Imagine Having a High Value Service That Sells Itself

Recording Available Now

Sales are a critical component of your business. And, without a high value service, it doesn’t matter how great your sales strategies are… you either won’t sell or you’ll feel terrible about it when you do. Consider how great it would be to have a high value service that sells itself. In this FREE Live Masterclass (possibly one of our last), I laid out all the details for you.

Get the recording here!

Lawyers: I have a feeling you’re going to really love being a relational lawyer. And that maybe this has been what you’ve been craving your whole law career. In a recent interview on the Grow Law Firm podcast with Host Sasha Berson, I talk about how to create a life and law practice you love. Watch the recording here (35 minutes) or listen to Grow Law Firm on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Too Much to Read? Here’s Your TLDR summary! 

Podcasts, live events and more:

  • Listen to High Connection Equal High Value with Ali Katz and Victoria Collier to learn how to build fulfilling client connections in your legal career.
  • Living your vision: Practical tips. Listen to ALI KATZ episode on Raj Jana’s Stay Grounded Podcast.
  • Lawyers boost sales with a high value service: “FREE Masterclass: High-Value Services that Sell Themselves.” 
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  • Looking to delve deeper into the fascinating world of AI and how it will impact your business? Then don’t miss the raw unedited Ali’s talk on AI.

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