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My winter in Costa Rica is coming to an end, and I’ll be in Austin this time next week for the Independent National Convention, and to meet with some of my most favorite lawyers, in person.

To read why I’m coming back, see my message below the note. There’s still time for you to join in, if you want to come.

But, here’s what I want to begin to preview for you today … I spent all of last week here in Costa Rica with my mom, sister, and daughter + my extended community here (see my insta stories for the behind the scenes) filming content to support you because the AI revolution is here, and the biggest economic shifts of our lifetime are on the horizon.

I can feel the wake up call that I experienced myself in 2009, and that led to my bankruptcy in 2012 coming for the world. And, that means if you are still following the old path of “financial freedom” and chasing “passive income” so you can live on the money your money earns, you are about to get a rude awakening.

It was the awakening I got in 2009 when I had achieved all the heights of success, the fame and the fortune that I was promised by following the rules, and then “got there” and discovered the Emperor actually had no clothes. (Remember that book? It was one of my favorites when I was a kid.)

You see, we’ve been fed a false dream by the media and financial services industries, and you most likely know it’s true, but maybe you don’t know what to do about it.

So you try to consume more and more content, more and more information, more and more advice and guidance to try and figure it out.

But, the loops simply get you more and more lost.

To support you to learn what it took me walking away from everything, moving to a farm and filing bankruptcy to discover, and to try to convey it to you before you have to experience your own version of the same, I’ve spent the past week recording a whole bunch of new content for you.

If you are a lawyer, I’ve created the content you’ll need to get through the AI revolution and thrive, when most people are starting to realize they can just go on chatGPT to create their own legal documents. 

And, while you can put your head in the sand and say “oh, I love it when people do that because then they come to me to resolve the conflict or clean up the mess” OR you can restructure your services so you educate your communities properly, and become a trusted advisor that can never be replaced by AI. You don’t have to wait for all of my new content to understand what I mean, you can listen in on the masterclass I created last week to truly get it. 

For everyone else (and the smart lawyers too), I’ve updated the We Create the Economy intensive … the new version should be out by end of April, and it’s eye-opening.

Here’s what I can give you from it now:

  • Stop chasing financial freedom, and enough money in the bank or investments to earn money on your money, so you can live off passive income or retire … unless of course you cannot work, cannot create, or cannot contribute.

  • Hedge against a time when you cannot work, create or contribute by buying disability insurance.

  • Otherwise, begin to clarify your role in the creator eco-system. It’s the only path to the true freedom you want.

  • Sure you can live on the UBI that’s almost certainly coming, and spend your time living in a virtual world, watching TV, or otherwise consuming content, if that’s what you choose.

  • But, if you recognize that as a very limited life, and you want a life where you live connected to the earth, able to travel, connected to the other humans in your life, a full-range humanity life … now is the time to wake up and break free of the quest for financial freedom and truly start living and making your choices eyes wide open.

  • If you have extra $$ to invest, don’t look to the stock market or crypto as your first option, but as your last for the truly excess beyond what you’ll need to step fully into the creator economy with the absolute confidence to know you are living the truth of who you are, why you are here, and what’s yours to do — if you are not 100% certain of that, you invest there first … not last.

  • You did not come here to earn money, consume content, and die comfortable. You came here to LIVE fully alive, on purpose, full range … and there’s about to be a split that makes it even more difficult, but also even more fulfilling to do just that.

If you have Qs about anything I wrote here, we can talk about the answers in Austin if you are joining me there. Or, you can hit reply and let me know so I can speak to them in a future newsletter.

Welcome to the creator economy. It’s here, now. I’m excited to support you to CHOOSE the life you want, with your eyes (and heart) wide open.

With all my heart,
Ali Katz

Will I See You in Austin? If so, hit reply and LMK so I can look for you.

I’m Coming Back from Costa Rica THIS WEEK to Attend the INC23 Event in Austin … Here’s Why …

I’m at a stage of my life where I could just move to Costa Rica, and give up on the US altogether, but doing that would be an abdication of my responsibility and leadership.

But, I’m not doing that. Yes, I will build community in Costa Rica, and I will also show up for my responsibility in the US. 

If you want to understand more about what I am seeing regarding our responsibility, as well as the opportunity, duty and obligation as leaders, you can watch the recording of my presentation to my lawyer community about independent civic stewardship, and skip to 13:33 here

Everything I spoke to the lawyers about on this masterclass is relevant to each and every professional … we have a massive opportunity to make real change in our communities, and be the leaders we came here to be.

Watch, listen, and get inspired to get into relationship with people who you can unite with to create the change you want to see in the world.

Then, if you’d like to join me in Austin, you can do so in one of two ways:

  1. If you are a lawyer or really any kind of professional who wants to leverage civic stewardship to build your client base and replace your networking and marketing costs with something far more meaningful, sign up here and come to the “Get Clients With Civic Stewardship Workshop” PLUS the Inc23 event. Use code pfl50off to take 50% off your ticket price. 
  2. If you just want to attend INC and not work on your business with me, you can get your tickets here directly from INC23.

Either way, I’d love to see you there.

BTW. While this event LOOKS political, if you think this is about “politics” and is too polarizing or doesn’t align with YOUR politics, please listen to the recording — we need you more than ever to see that politics isn’t what we’ve been told it is, and doesn’t have to be polarizing, but instead uniting. Specifically, listen at 24:11, 24:40 and 36:33, please. This matters.

Lawyers: WOW! One of the Best Masterclasses I’ve Done Ever …

Beyond Sales Strategies: Imagine Having a High Value Service That Sells Itself

Recording Available Now

Sales are a critical component of your business. And, without a high value service, it doesn’t matter how great your sales strategies are… you either won’t sell or you’ll feel terrible about it when you do. Consider how great it would be to have a high value service that sells itself. In this FREE Live Masterclass (possibly one of our last), I laid out all the details for you.

Get the recording here!

On CultureShift, I spoke about how to frame the conversation when you’re ready to talk money with the people you love. I fielded questions from callers asking about estate planning, special needs trusts, how to avoid probate, and if you should list beneficiaries on your bank accounts or if there’s a better way. As you listen in you’ll realize that we always inherit something whether it’s a mess, or debt, or family wealth resources properly passed on. Creating an inventory of your assets, a Personal Resource Map, is one of the first steps we all should take. Find out more by listening to the recording here!

In this interview, I help you think about what you have… because we all have something that will need to be taken care of after we pass away. Maybe you’re a musician with a library of music you’ve created or an artist and your art may be worth money after you die. I discuss the lessons we can learn from how Bob Ross handled his affairs before he died. I encourage you to look at what we have as a family and to talk about what is “enough” and do we have “enough.” She gives insight into talking to lawyers, getting your planning in place at 18, and disclosing who your decision maker will be while you’re still alive. Actions like this are how we can face death with our eyes wide open instead of avoiding the topic. Listen here!

Are you checking out Ali’s socials? She’s been live posting from Costa Rica, and this is going to be a big week you won’t want to miss. Catch Ali’s stories on Instagram or her Ali Katz “fan page” on Facebook.

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