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It’s my 1 year anniversary
and I have a gift for you

One year ago tomorrow, I married myself, and it wasn’t a small, private, ceremony with just myself and the moonlight. It was a 50-people at a mansion overlooking the ocean at sunset kind of affair.

I did not plan on this happening in this way. 

And, yet, it turns out to have been the most transformational day of my life.

I’m sharing all the details of it with you because I believe I’ve cracked a code on something really important around contracts and personal development and the use of very mundane tools to create a sacred ritual to create a truly aligned Life.

If you’ve been a seeker of truth, desiring to find your own power, and you must be if you are hear reading my newsletter … I think you’re really going to love seeing what I’m modeling for you here.

Whether you have already found the “One” or you’ve been seeking your “One” or you’ve wondered if you could be the “One” or you wonder how to have “One” when you really want many …

Or, if you’ve wondered how to step fully into your power and purpose …

Or if you just desire to understand more about your desire and what you really, really, really, REALLY want …

The process of marrying myself clarified so much for me.

I’ve spent years struggling with the existential angst of who I am, why I’m here, and what’s mine to do.

I’ve spent years wondering if I was on the right path, questing after more and more success, walking away from everything, coming back to it, growing my leadership and my motherhood, and throughout it all … wondering when it would happen for me.

Marrying myself turned out to be the answer to all the questions. And, it’s something you may want to consider as a possibility for yourself, even if you’re already married to someone else.

With hindsight, I can see how the greatest transformation of my life began when I created my marriage contract a couple of years earlier, during Covid times …

If you’ve been with me any length of time, you know I’ve been through quite a lot of transformation. Massive successes, ego deaths, and resurrections …the transformation has been real.

And, the transformation that has occurred through this marriage process has been the greatest by far.

It all started with creating my marriage contract with myself.

A 4-month process that led into buying myself a ring, having a full-on engagement ceremony with proposal in front of my Boulder community, and then a full-on wedding … DJ, caterer, 2 officiants, wedding dress, and even a harpist!

I did not anticipate that.

Had I known when I began, I might not have begun.

I would have poo poo’d it as “not for me” as I have habitually done over the years with the things that turned out to be the best things that ever could have occurred in my life.

So, if you find yourself poo poo’ing the idea of marrying yourself as “not for you” consider the possibility that maybe there’s something here for you (just based on the fact that you are still reading this right now), and that maybe there’s a deeper calling of your soul whispering to you, inviting you to just consider that maybe you should get closer to remember something you’ve forgotten.

And that’s my gift to you …

I’m inviting you in.

To get closer.


In .. to .. me .. see.


Because we need more role models of new structures for living, and as I step into my eldership, it’s clear to me that’s what I am here to provide.

Watch your email tomorrow for the link to get the whole wedding video transmission.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,
Ali Katz

PS. If you are excited about what I’m sharing here, I’d really love it if you go over to my Insta where I’m hosting #365forreels (yep, 365 days of reels) and share a little love on one of my recent instas with a comment to LMK you see me. In my marriage contract, I committed to creating content and sharing my journey without expectation of anything in return AND I sure do get inspired to keep going when I am aware of the impact on you. So please share with me, if you are impacted by anything I am sharing there.

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