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Contracts, Covenants + Communion

The come down is real. Last week, I flew a team out to Costa Rica (including my daughter in the role of makeup artist), to shoot content with me for all the things. If you weren’t watching the shoot in my Insta stories, you can catch up on some of it in this post, this post, and watch the highlights in Life + Legacy.

Two quizzes, one for the lawyer community to determine the wealth to happiness ratio of their law practice, one for the Personal Family Lawyer website to answer the question “what is the right type of estate plan for you?”

About 40 short-form insta/tik-tok style videos for both the lawyers, and for the clients they serve as Personal Family Lawyer firms.

And, then, I spent the last day making content for my personal brand, which I think is going to be the rebirth of “Ali Shanti”, remember her?

If you’re new here, “Ali Shanti” is my artist/priestess name. You can read the history of all my names here.

The content we filmed will come out on 2/22/2023 … the one-year anniversary of my wedding to myself. 

It will tell the whole story. 

Watch for it.

Contracts, Covenants + Communion: Tools for Practical Magic

Creating my marriage contract with myself was an act of practical magic that has transformed my life in the most epic ways. 

I am beyond excited to share it all with you so you can consider how seemingly mundane and practical tools like contracts, and even wills and trusts, and insurance, and bookkeeping and tax filings, can create magic in your life too.

Truly, magic.

Stay tuned. So much more to come.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,

Ali Katz

PS. So very grateful to Wendy Ramirez for this unsolicited testimonial about her experience in Eyes Wide Open: the membership and with our LIFT Foundation System program this past year. Swoon …

For the Lawyers We Love… (and, really, this one could be for anyone interested in next level civic stewardship – you don’t HAVE to be a lawyer, but it’ll just be even better if you are)

Use Independent Civic Stewardship to Create Unparallelled Demand for Your Law Practice

Use Independent Civic Stewardship to Create Unparalleled Demand for Your Law Practice

February 7th at 2:30pm ET

If you ever worry that your market is saturated, or you aren’t sure how to get a steady stream of clients, or wonder where your next new client is going to come from, or find yourself dreaming about the day when your calendar is overflowing with new business…

I’ve got a new masterclass for you! I’m going to show you how to Use Independent Civic Stewardship to Create Unparalleled Demand for Your Law Practice. 

You’ll discover how participating in local civic affairs is good for you, your community, your law practice and your career as a lawyer. 

It’s what lawyers always did, and don’t do as much anymore because we’re just so busy building businesses, raising kids and the like… but when you see how it can help your community and build your law practice at the same time, I think it’s going to be a game-changer for you.

Be sure to book time in your calendar to join us live on February 7th at 2:30pm ET if you possibly can. Or, if you already know you can’t make it live, register now and schedule time in your calendar to watch the recording afterward, so when we send it out, you can watch and take action. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Quick Links:

I’ve recently been featured on the following radio shows:

I’ve recently been featured on the following radio shows:

In this discussion Ali touches on the beauty of death’s wisdom. Healing a family legacy of distrust and sharing important basics on preparing yourself, and your family legally for the most graceful transition possible. She invites you to be prepared for the unexpected and use practical tools such as a will, a health care directive, and/or a power of attorney to support your family foundation. She supports you in developing awareness around who you can rely on; as waiting to plan for the unexpected is an invaluable price- death comes when death comes. You and your family deserve the most ease in this mysterious transition of life.

  • Ali’s interview on KDKA – a dialogue on Money and Family

How can we approach the topic of finances and death with our elders’ in the most considerate and loving manner? It’s a sensitive topic discussing money and death! Ali sheds light on how to use vulnerable communication skills when approaching your loved ones to open a dialogue around what’s next with family money after the loss of a loved one. Ali shares and shows the value of shifting from the child archetype to the nurturer/parental archetype- so you can step into your adulthood, and care for your elders; perhaps even far better than they knew how to care for you. This is the evolutionary process, and you are an integral part of it. Ali educates you on practical ways you can simplify the container for easy digestibility with the right conversation, legal tools and planning support.

Facing life and death is an opportunity to put genuine philosophy of integrity into action- How would you like your family and the world to remember you? What does it truly mean to be a lawyer today? How do we break free of the barriers of conditioning about what it means to work in law? 

In this discussion, Ali talks about the root of purpose and leaning into building resources that are also in alignment with your highest service. For her, being a Lawyer is more than upholding the traditional values of law- it is a sacred responsibility to build and enforce the framework for a more wholesome society. No matter what your purpose is, being a lawyer, chef, teacher, entrepreneur, coach, etc., understanding the value of your life and life’s work will support peaceful transitions within as well as beyond your life. 

Are you checking out Ali’s socials? She’s been live posting from Costa Rica, and this is going to be a big week you won’t want to miss. Catch Ali’s stories on Instagram or her Ali Katz “fan page” on Facebook.

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