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I cannot believe I’m doing this …

If you were around these parts last year, you’ll remember that on 2/22/2022, I got married … to myself.

And, while I shared some of the story, I never shared all of it.

And, I never shared the actual wedding video itself.

Or really told the complete story of the transformational process that began when I created my marriage contract (my ketubah), had a formal engagement ceremony, and then married myself.

What I’ve discovered over the past year is that the marriage contract, engagement and wedding process were a portal of transformation that radically and dramatically changed my life.

  • I’ve healed a lifetime of challenges around belonging. 
  • I’ve stepped into my personal power in a whole new way. 
  • I’ve reclaimed the places I was steeped in drama triangles, and broken free. 
  • I’ve solved any last issues around scarcity. 
  • And I’m no longer boy crazy, like I was since kindergarten (still love boys, just not crazy about it anymore).

So, as my gift to myself, and to everyone else who may desire this sort of transformation in their own lives, I’m producing a “I’m not even sure what to call it” about the entire experience … mini-documentary perhaps? If you have a name for a thing that tells a story, that isn’t quite a documentary, but that shares a story and its lessons in video form, please hit reply and LMK.

I’m going all in with this. You can follow the journey in my stories on Insta or my Fan Page on Facebook (the stories don’t make it to my personal profile on FB, so if you want to follow along … you need to be on the Fan Page).

Filming begins on Thursday. I’m flying out a film crew. I’ve hired a storyteller, an executive producer, and I’m doing this. It feels a lot like the entire marriage contract to wedding portal did, honestly. I’m doing my part, but it’s clearly being guided by Life itself, and I’m just listening, showing up, and taking action by saying yes when it’s clear that there is a yes to be said.

It’s taken years to get to this level of clarity and discernment, and I think what I share in this “documentary” series will help you get there a lot more quickly.

Stay tuned. So much more to come.

To your eyes (and heart) wide open,

Ali Katz

PS. So very grateful to Wendy Ramirez for this unsolicited testimonial about her experience in Eyes Wide Open: the membership and with our LIFT Foundation System program this past year. Swoon …

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Facing life and death is an opportunity to put genuine philosophy of integrity into action- How would you like your family and the world to remember you? What does it truly mean to be a lawyer today? How do we break free of the barriers of conditioning about what it means to work in law? 

In this discussion, Ali talks about the root of purpose and leaning into building resources that are also in alignment with your highest service. For her, being a Lawyer is more than upholding the traditional values of law- it is a sacred responsibility to build and enforce the framework for a more wholesome society. No matter what your purpose is, being a lawyer, chef, teacher, entrepreneur, coach, etc., understanding the value of your life and life’s work will support peaceful transitions within as well as beyond your life. 

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