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Why is this happening?!?

Have you ever found yourself lamenting, why is this happening to me? If so, you sure are not alone. Back in 2007, I spent two days crying “why, oh why” when I got the letter in the mail from the IRS telling me I was being audited for my 2005 return. I knew my return was messed up because 2005 was the year I got divorced, and I had a forensic accountant say to me during the divorce process “boy, Alexis, your books are really messed up.” So I was sure I was in big trouble. But, after two days of crying, and beating myself up for my stupidity, I had a moment of awakening … I needed to stop “why”ning.  It didn’t matter why. It was happening, I was getting audited by the IRS, and my books were messed up for the year they were auditing.  Okay, so now what?! In a moment of clarity, I saw that if I could change my perspective and see that it wasn’t happening “to me” but instead it really was happening “for me”, I might just be able to find a huge gift in the challenge of the audit. And, boy did I. In that moment, I wiped my tears from my face, and decided that I would face the reality that I created those messed up books, and that the IRS audit was a gift in some way, and that I would take up the challenge to find the gift by writing the story in advance of how this audit would be the best thing that ever happened for me. So I did two things:
    1. I hired a CPA team to address the audit. I was terrified to spend money I didn’t think I had to pay for advisors I really didn’t know how to work with. (A common theme back in those days and part of why I created my LIFT Foundation program to support those of you who are still in the phase of learning how to work with legal, insurance, financial and tax matters and afraid to spend the right money on it);

    2. I made a deal with myself that every time my mind wanted to return to thinking about the audit and beating me up about something that was now out of my control, I would rip it away from the addiction and fascination with how much I sucked, and direct that mental energy to something that was within my control now … and as a result, I reclaimed all of that energy and attention that was focusing on something outside of my control, and I put it on building the new business I was creating at the time, the Family Wealth Planning Institute (my first online business).
Let’s look at what happened …
  • I ended up with a no-change on my tax audit, meaning the IRS didn’t make me pay anything additional on my 2005 taxes. This was EVEN THOUGH my books were totally messed up.
  • I used the energy and attention I was putting into beating myself up to build the Family Wealth Planning Institute into a million dollar enterprise by the following year, which today is the foundation of the business that licenses more than 400 lawyers as Personal Family Lawyer firms (PFL was first launched in 2007 during that tax audit).
  • I learned a HUGE amount about legal, insurance, financial and tax matters that I would not have otherwise had the motivation to learn. So, yes, it was happening for me. And, whatever is happening for you right now, is happening for you too. If only you can see it.If you need help seeing it, I have support for you in my membership — Eyes Wide Open: the Membership. Details here.
Just to give you a little sense of what occurs in the Membership, over the last month one of our members was facing the reality that he may need to file bankruptcy because of the $2500/mo EIDL payment coming due. We worked with him on 3 of our coaching calls, and by the 4th, he engaged a client for $111k for the year, and now he’s on track to pay back his EIDL loan. When you join the membership, you get to see exactly how that went. And perhaps get your own support. Last night, we celebrated two of my members who have been walking beside me there since before Covid … and their massive transformations with credit scores that have gone from high 500 and low 600s into the 700 and 800s, businesses they love making big profits now (after health and other personal collapses), and we’re planning out their 2023s. Next week is our monthly income model coaching call, and when you join us in the Membership, you get to watch it all unfold. And, if you aren’t ready to join the Membership or don’t have a business, here’s the free support resources we have for you between now and the end of the year. If you are a lawyer, this is happening this week … get on in there, it’s fire.

And, if you are a lawyer … this is happening this week!  And, it’s sooooo good.

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Okay, that’s it … I look forward to seeing you on the internet.

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