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I’m dying

I’m dying

At this very moment, as the minutes tick away
As I stand on this stage, speaking to you
While I wait for my children to become adults
And my wrinkles to turn into rivulets and
My mind to find the answers to the questions that only my heart can answer.

I’m dying.

And so are you.
As the minutes tick away.
As you sit there listening.
While your children grow. And your parents age.
Or you fight with your once upon a time, but not anymore or ever again best friend.

You are dying.

But are you doing anything about this dying?
If you were diagnosed w cancer or some other disease, you would immediately do something about it.
And yet here you are, dying. And doing nothing about it. Not a damn thing.
Letting your life pass by, going to a job you hate, living with a spouse you can’t stand, not writing your book, singing your song, or sharing your experience.

What are you waiting for?
You are dying.
And so am I.