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How to ask your parents to invest in you …. even after you’ve made massive financial mistakes

A few years after my bankruptcy, when I was ready to start to rebuild my financial reality, I turned to my mom to invest in me.This was terrifying because I felt sure she was going to say no.Not only did she not have enough for her own retirement, but she carried the wounding of my father borrowing money from my grandparents and not paying them back, and then of course I landed myself in bankruptcy just a few years prior.There was no way she was going to trust me with money.And, yet, I recognized that there was an opportunity for a massive generational healing here around money that could only happen if I found a way to ask my mom to invest in me.So, I did.

You can watch me asking my mom for that investment here:

Ali Makes an Edgy Ask of Her Mom to Invest in Her
That was in 2015, just a few years after my bankruptcy.

As you’ll see, she said no, at first. And, then … something changed. Watch and see. This was one of the most important moments of our families’ financial life.

My mom’s change of heart, and my ability to meet her fears in a way that supported that change of heart led to the reality we are in today, in 2022.

7 years later, my mom still only has $200k in her retirement account — she just retired, and despite the greatest bull run in history, her retirement account really didn’t increase at all. I’m not entirely sure why that was the case, as I wasn’t really paying attention to how she had it invested. If I could go back and do that part over, I would.But, thanks to my mom making the choice to invest in me (using her credit score, not her money as she didn’t have any money), and my wise use of the resources thanks to the learnings I gained as a result of my bankruptcy …
  • We just helped my mom buy a condo, and lock in a 3.75% 30-year mortgage before interest rates rose.
  • I’ve been paying my mom $1000/mo to supplement her income for many years, and will continue to do so.
  • I was able to go on to build an 8-figure make a difference company that will take care of me and my mom for years to come.
It turns out I was my mom’s best investment. But, at the time, her seeing that was a massive leap of faith. And, it was my job to create the conditions for her to see that possibility.I believe generational healing is in your hands, possibly through your next or current financial crisis and how you handle it — will you make eyes wide open choices? I hope so. And, I’m here to help.