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A big thing happened …

I’m writing to you today from Carbondale where I am decompressing from a very intimate, private event I hosted this past weekend as a prototype/test run for the future.

You didn’t hear about it because it was pretty much a secret, only shared with people extremely close to me in the Boulder/Denver area. 

48 people. At Beyul Retreat near Aspen. A test run for the future. Intimacy and vulnerability. I needed to do this before I could do a paid version. 

Many who attended said it was the single most transformational experience of their lives. And that’s no small thing given that everyone who attended has been “doing the work” for years already.

So, now I sit with what’s next.

Am I ready to bring people who have not been doing transformational work for years into this level of intimacy and vulnerability and commitment?

Am I ready to put this level of time, energy and attention into hosting live events?

Do I truly desire it?

Does it fuel me as much as it does everyone who attends?

I’ll be sitting with that question over the next week.

And, if you truly desire to get live, intimate and vulnerable with me, in service to the next level of your soul’s calling, hit reply and let me know because feeling your desire helps me to feel more of my desire.

Commitment is the fuel for everything, and desire is the fuel for commitment.

I began to really understand this at another level during my wedding in February.

With our commitment driving, anything is possible.

More on that to come … 

For now, though, it’s time to head back to Boulder, and begin the next stage of the process of discovery through the heart of my own commitment.

Before I go though, here are two resources for you:

If you are in the process of making a transition from your 1:1 service into the 1 to many to expand your reach, watch me coach/consult with one of our Eyes Wide Open members guiding her to her next step.

And, if you are a lawyer, join me later today with Ryan Levesque, founder of the Ask Method, and the best business guy I know to talk about quizzes, specifically for lawyers. This is going to be a good one. 

Register here:

See Ali Coach:

Lawyers - THIS IS TODAY!


How to Get More Law Clients Using Quiz Funnel Marketing

June 24, 2022 at 6pm ET/3pm PT

People LOVE taking quizzes. 

From Buzzfeed quizzes about what type of cheese you are, to more “serious” assessments like the Kolbe and Strengthsfinder… 

Quizzes and assessments give us insight into our strengths and weaknesses (and what Hogwarts house we should be in)…

And as we move into the new Web 3.0 Future, where Zero-Party data is more important than ever, quizzes are THE strategy to build trust while scaling your business, allowing you to: 

CUT your advertising costs by 30-90%…

DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your conversion rate…

And get results 5 to 25 times FASTER.

My friend Ryan Levesque, Inc. 5000 Founder & CEO of the ASK Method Company and, is the expert when it comes to building quizzes. 

Ryan Levesque and I have a special Masterclass for you lawyers on June 24th at 6pm ET: How to Get More Law Clients Using Quiz Funnel Marketing

Ryan will be revealing:

  • WHAT is a QUIZ Funnel?
  • The 5 Reasons WHY Quizzes work so well
  • HOW to use QUIZ Funnels to grow your law practice
  • And the 3 most common mistakes and how to avoid them when building your quiz funnel

I highly encourage you to make the time to attend this important event, which we’ve created specifically to help you prepare for the economic changes that are already upon us.

If you want to be in position to not only survive but thrive during this next big economic shift, you have to get smarter.

And, you have to operate very differently from all the other lawyers out there.

And that’s exactly what Ryan and I are here to help with. We’ve got solutions for you … and we’re going to keep bringing you our very best to support you through these wild times.

Register here:

I’ll see you there!