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Entreprenuer features The New Law Business Model Book as a “Must-Buy” for 2021

When I release a new book I don’t know if people will really grok it until they start reading it. There is this terrifying gap between finishing the manuscript and the reviews coming back where your monkey mind can tell you anything. All your old creative scars come up. Luckily I a built a team around myself to finish projects even when self-doubt creeps in.

Now that the book is finally out in the world, getting back the first reviews has been thrilling. I’m excited to hear that readers from all backgrounds are getting inspired from my journey. My dream is that everyone is able to shift their field to serve their clients with love, in a way that they love to serve.

As the world changes rapidly, there has never been a better time to change how you serve.

Use this link to buy The New Law Business Model book now.