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My New Book is a #1 New Release on Amazon this week

I’m excited to announce that my new book, The New Law Business Model, officially launches today.

What is The New Law Business Model? I wrote this book to show lawyers how to use their most valuable asset—their law degree—for the good of families, small businesses, and most importantly, to build their own business into one they love. Pulling from my own journey, I share the roadmap I followed and insights I found that made my own success as a lawyer and business owner possible.

Is it relevant for you, if you are not a lawyer? Yes, and here’s why: 1) you probably need to work with lawyers in your own life and business, and it’s a really good idea to understand how lawyers work so you can find a lawyer who can actually and truly help you, and 2) if you are a business owner yourself with a valuable service to offer the world, everything I write about in the New Law Business Model is directly applicable to your business too.

In fact, as I was building the new law business model into my own practice, I did it by learning from other entrepreneurs outside of the legal profession and applied what I learned to my law practice — this is how you get ahead, in my opinion — you learn from business owners in industries outside of yours, and apply what you learn to innovate in your industry.

What’s my give? My publisher has agreed to discount the Kindle version of my book from its full list price of $24.99 down to $0.99 for the first week of launch so I can share the book with friends and family inexpensively.

I’d love to offer you a discounted copy! For those of you without Kindles, the paperback version is also available.

Use this link to buy The New Law Business Model book now.

What’s my ask? Do NOT feel obligated, but if you have an active Amazon account, I’d be extremely grateful if you leave a review. Reviews are the most important factor in how many new readers the book is able to reach, and each one makes a real difference.

That’s it! Thank you so much for your support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Ali Katz