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I’m not perfect and I think this will still help

Yesterday I wrote to you that I would be sharing with you about where I’ve been and how I’ve learned to make choices about how best to use my time, energy, attention and money (TEAM) resources in support of a life worth living.

So, here we go…

Now, the first thing for you to know is that I am far from perfect.

I’m sure you already knew that.

And I am not sharing my process with you so that you come to make the same choices I’ve made, or even in the same way I’ve made mine.

But, instead, to give you some insight into HOW I make my choices so you can begin your own process of self discovery and make the right choices for you.

I’m just back from the Landmark Forum, which I attended a few weeks ago for the first time, and while I was there I was reminded of the power of sharing.

When I heard other people share their experiences, it gave me more insight and clarity into my own subconscious and I got to know myself more.

So, I’m sharing this here with you in service to you getting to know yourself more.

Because for me, that’s what it’s all about – you, me, all of us making choices about how we use our TEAM resources in the highest and best way for each of us, consciously, instead of by default or as a result of deeply patterned/conditioned beliefs that continuously have us creating lives not worth living.

Okay, so that’s what’s happening here and why I’m sharing with you.

So before I fully get started into my process, would you share with me about where you are with your own use of your TEAM (time, energy, attention and money) resources?

I’m curious.

What do you struggle with when it comes to your use of your TEAM resources?

Is it the time, energy, attention part? The money part? Both?

Or, do you have it all handled? If you do, I’d love to hear that too.

Hearing where you are helps me know what part of my process is most useful to share, and what is just my own desire for catharsis.