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The $50,000 mistake I made launching my online business because I was dying inside

I was a successful, busy lawyer. I was a mom. I had started my own law practice and within three years, it was doing a million a year in revenue.

I should have been so happy. I was so successful. And while one part of me was happy, another part of me was dying.

I was 31 years old, and I had never really lived my life.

High school, college, law school, bam, bam, bam.

My last year of law school I got married and pregnant, bam, bam.

Gave birth during my clerkship.

Started my career as an associate at a big law firm, billing 2000 hours a year commuting an hour each way in traffic, while learning how to be a mom.

I was only 27 years old.

Three years later, my son was born and I left the big law firm to start my own law practice.

By 33, I had made it … at least on paper.

My law practice was full, bringing in a million bucks a year of revenue. I had two kids. I was married. Well, by 33, I was divorced.

And, I had never lived my life. At all.

I had followed all the rules. Created all the success. But parts of me, big parts, huge parts, my feminine parts I now realize, were dying inside.

I wanted more free time to travel and live the life I didn’t get to when I was doing all the things I was supposed to do. But, I didn’t know how I could get that time without decreasing my income.

And I couldn’t decrease my income because I was the breadwinner, supporting my kids and husband while we were married and then paying him alimony and child support after we divorced, paying for my kids’ private schools, paying all the bills for all the things.

One day, I was having one of those “maybe I should do something else” kind of moments that I often have right before a big breakthrough.

I was on a plane coming back from some sort of legal conference where I had met a bunch of other “successful” lawyers who also weren’t having the kind of lives I wanted to have and dreaming about quitting everything and taking my kids to live in Costa Rica, where we could just go to the beach and eat avocados all day, everyday.

Right about then, I came across an article (looking back now, I know it was actually an ad, but it looked like an article) that said something like you can create additional revenue streams and free up your time by leveraging your knowledge beyond just seeing clients 1:1 if you create digital products and sell them online.

It seemed to be the exact solution I had been seeking.

Suddenly, my mind was racing with tons of ideas.

I loved the idea of additional revenue streams that didn’t count on me going into my office and meeting with clients 1:1.

I loved the idea of leveraging my knowledge and creating products that I could make once and sell to many.

I love the idea of having part of my business be online so that if I ever did really decide to take my kids and move to Costa Rica (or anywhere else for that matter), I could still serve people and earn a living.

It sounded like a whole lot of freedom to me.

As soon as I landed, I began to devour everything I could about how to do this. I was hooked.

There was only one problem.

When I first made the leap from the one to one into creating digital products, I did it all wrong.

I created the wrong thing first.

I invested $50,000 and 6 months of my life to create a product that I couldn’t sell.


It was a painful mistake. And worst of all, it almost caused me to give up altogether.

Fortunately, shortly after that, I met someone who had already done what I wanted to do and would take me by the hand and get me straightened out. It cost me another $30,000 to hire him to help back on track.

But, it was worth it because within 8 weeks of working together, in November of 2006, I held my first $117,000 teleseminar and by the end of 2006, I had made about $250,000 in total sales of my second product.

You don’t have to go down that long road to doing it all wrong, the way I did, because I’m going to introduce you to the very best person I know to hold your hand through this process.

His name is Eben Pagan and he’s sold over 100 million dollars of Digital Products online. Yes, $100 million dollars. Crazy, right?

And he’s created a really cool free training called: “How To Find YOUR Big Idea”.

Here’s where you can get it.

I just went to check it out myself (because even though I’ve been doing it a long time, I still love learning from Eben whenever he comes out with something new), and saw that Eben’s not only giving you the training on How to Find Your Big Idea, but also three trainings on how to actually create a digital product — he’s giving you a book, a blueprint, and a class — all on How to Create a Digital Product.

Remember, it cost me $50,000 in mistakes + $30,000 to hire someone to teach me this. But you don’t have to do that because  Eben makes it so easy and clear. Now, you get to skip all my heartache and mistakes I made along the way and learn from the best, for free.

Just go here and put in your email to get the PDF, the book, the blueprint and the class.

After you check it all out, I’d love to know … what is the first digital product you are going to create? Or, if you have already created one, but it’s not selling, what’s going to be the one that turns it all around?

Please don’t spend another minute creating a digital product until you’ve gotten this training from Eben.