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The Tools for Your Freedom

I’m writing to you looking over the 70 acre shared land I am part of in Mendocino County. Here this weekend with 27 other sisters who came up for a women’s weekend to craft, and sing, and sit around the fire, and eat, and cook, and dance, and love. You can see some pictures here.

I’m seriously considering how I can spend a lot more time up here, and write my book. For now, I am enjoying being up here for the 2nd time this month, camping in a van I rented from a local friend that has me considering it may be time to get my own little van that I can live in down by the river.

I remember when the idea of living in a van by the river was the most terrifying thing I could imagine.

Today, it would be a dream come true to have that kind of freedom.  It would be another level of freedom for me, that’s for sure.

Financial freedom (we call it financial liberation here at Eyes Wide Open, and you can get a better understanding of that here) has led me to work I love, that I get to do on my own time, with who I want, when I want and where I want.

Next level for me would be gaining the emotional freedom that would be necessary for me to take the time away from my family and every day community to live in a van, alone, and write, write, write.

Of course, I’ll keep you posted on how that comes about, as I consider those next possibilities.

In the meantime, I would love to offer you the tools toward your freedom, whatever that next step looks like for you.

For most, the first step requires dis-entanglement from the trap of your relationship with money that is likely keeping you stuck in work you don’t love, or a job you must go to everyday, a 9-5 (or in many cases an 8-8) that exhausts you, or a business that no longer serves you.

So today, I give you the Tools of Your Freedom, as they came through me here on the land this weekend:
1. Discover the Truth of Your Enough

How much do you really need to have the life you really, really, really, REALLY want?

The less you need and the more you realize you already have, the closer you are to your liberation. It’s not something you have to wait your whole life to experience. Your time to step into it is now. You truly do not have to wait.

This understanding is truly the foundation to your freedom. It’s so important, in fact, that when you join us live on Thursday, I’m going to give you my entire Enough Course as my gift to you.

2. Know What You Have to Give and How You Like to Give it

Start by mining the resources (many of which are probably hidden to you) you have right now, and understand that you are in an evolutionary process. What you have and how you like to give it will evolve over time, as your energy shifts and changes, as you learn and grow.

Stay fluid. Be willing to change. Approach this with play.

Discover your entrepreneurial archetype and the archetype path for you, so whether you work for yourself or someone else, you get paid by working in the ways you most like to work. (We’ll cover the entrepreneurial archetypes on the live webinar on Thursday.)

3. Learn How to Ask For What You Need in Exchange for What You Have to Give

Once you know what you need (which can be a whole journey in and of itself), you can ask for what you need powerfully and congruently.

This past week, my dear sister KC Baker did just that.

She found a property she has been dreaming of owning in Sedona for many years had come up on the market. She’d need $100,000 within two weeks to make an offer on the property and be able to get the financing to buy it.

She emailed some of her sisters, including me, with a powerful, congruent ask and she has now raised all the money she needs. I’ll be sharing the details of this on Thursday’s webinar.

Plus, in my Enough Course, which you’ll receive as my gift to you when you attend live, you’ll get to watch me make a VERY edgy ask (when I asked my mom to invest in me, knowing she’d say no and you’ll have to see what happened next) in a video that’s part of the Enough Course.

For most people, knowing how to ask for what you need in exchange for what you have to give shows up as being able to price and package your services, or ask for the pay raise at your job, or restructure your work time for sovereignty while still meeting the needs of your business or the business you work for, and we’ll definitely be covering that Thursday.

So these are, in my experience, the three foundational pieces you’ll want to master to step into your own freedom.

Once you master these, money is no longer the fear that’s holding you back. Money dysmorphia is cured. You are able to tap into all you need, when you need it, on demand.

And from there, you have the space to face the emotional pieces holding you back.

That’s where I am right now. Now that I can’t hide behind not enough money, I have to (get to!) face the beliefs that are keeping me stuck in any lack of perceived freedom and where I am actually choosing every single piece of my life. So if there’s anything I don’t like in my life, I get to remember that I’m choosing it. It’s truly all mine, here for me, a gift to my awakening.

A gift to your awakening.

Love beyond,

PS — See you Thursday on the live webinar The Roadmap to Your Money Map to Freedom Life and Income plan — Right Relationship with Time, Money and How You Get Paid. There’s only 100 live spots, but register even if you can’t make it and we’ll send you the recording. If you can make it live, do. I’ll be giving direct coaching, plus my Enough Course to all who attend live.

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