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Individuation and Motherhood in the New Economy

Individuation and Motherhood in the New Economy

I was really resistant to the idea of my kid getting a job. I had this idea that I wanted her to get started on the entrepreneur path ASAP.

I had started working at restaurant jobs at 14 and didn’t come to entrepreneurship (reluctantly) until after law school and a few years of practice.

I thought she could learn from me, skip the job route and go straight into business and get a huge head start.

But she wanted the job, perhaps in rebellion to my wishes for her to start a business (individuation is so important).

So she went out and found one at the local bagel shop.

And it’s so good.

I’m remembering that there is a huge value to the experience of minimum wage/restaurant jobs.

She’ll come to entrepreneurship, if she does, with a far broader spectrum of experience.

And she’s already started to consider how she can make more money, seeing that minimum wage isn’t enough to live on.

Her creativity and motivation is sparked to a far greater degree than it was when I was overly encouraging and supporting her to explore business ideas without having had the experience of the $300 paycheck for two weeks of nearly full time work.

How do you work with your children in this way? Do they have jobs? Entrepreneurial ideas? Send me an e-mail at [email protected] to let me know.

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