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Show up for your Self, show up for the world

A new friend I met this weekend said something profound that is sticking with me …

“The problem with this world is that the wrong people are hating themselves.”

I notice that when I make a mistake, I beat myself up for it quite significantly. This beating up of self doesn’t help me to learn from the mistake any more quickly or better, and it doesn’t make the world a better place.

I’m a heartfelt person and if I could more quickly forgive myself, I’d be able to use the lesson of my mistake to more rapidly make (and be) change in the world.

But often I can get stuck in the self-judgment in a way that keeps me from impacting as much as I probably could otherwise.

My friend pointed out that Stalin and Hitler weren’t sitting around in self hatred and I could see the application to some of the people in our own current online world who I personally know to be misogynists, or greedy, or truly hurtful, not heart-centered people and yet who are making a huge impact — they aren’t sitting around holding themselves back with their self-hatred (though maybe the world would be a better place if they did).

Are you heart-centered, loving person who is holding yourself back with self-judgment and self-hatred? If so, let’s stop doing that together. We need all of you out here, showing up with love for yourself and others, not getting stuck in the self-hatred.

Own your mistakes, forgive yourself, and keep being awesome.