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4 Questions to Liberate Your Fear of Credit and Debt

Recently, I shared 5 main archetypes of fear around credit and debt.

Which one or combination of these do you find yourself most aligned with?

Whichever it is, you can likely feel it is this thread of fear that is keeping you from accessing all of the resources you need to create the life you are meant to live.

Your fear is rational. It is pointing to the truth that you have not been properly educated about how to best use the resources you do have available to you.

We have made mistakes. We have created extraordinary stress in our lives, born from the idea of not-enoughness.

We have decided that our failures define us and we must either be punished for them (if we have made poor choices in the past) or that we must not make them in the first place (if we have avoided loss up until now).

But there is a greater truth here and your feelings about credit and debt can be a beautiful pointer to your next stage of awakening.

This is why Eyes Wide Open exists; to help you see where how you show up in life and business is your path to awakening.

If you are afraid to access credit and debt, whether due to past mistakes, lack of experience or just general fear of doing it wrong, and…

you DO have dreams that would express in the world, if you had access to capital….

Your next step is to come to a deeper level of awareness so you can learn, grow and evolve.

Awareness begins with an understanding of where you are compromising your life for and because of money.

1. Ask yourself: where have you and do you continue to make choices that are guided by the belief (real or false) of not having enough?

The second step is to dive deep into clarity around how you would live, work and play if money was available as easily as knowing what you desired and it was the fuel for those desires, not the compass telling you where you can and cannot go.

2. Ask yourself: if I had [insert amount of money that represents freedom to you], how would I use it to create more good in my life and the world?

The third step is to mine the gifts of your mistakes (or your fear of making a mistake in the future) and remember that we learn through making mistakes.

Mistakes are our greatest teachers, when we open to the impact of these mistakes, welcome the pain of having made them and appreciate the learning that results.

When we contract in shame or self-punishment was a result of our mistakes, we miss the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve through them.

3. Ask yourself: what have I learned from the mistakes I have made or witnessed when it comes to credit and debt? 

The final step in the process of using credit and debt to fuel your own awakening, so you are no longer a slave to the mid-guided idea of not enough, is to consider what would have to be true for you to confidently access all the resources you need to live the life you are truly meant to live.

4. Ask yourself: What must I do next to trust myself to use my resources in the highest and best way possible?

When you complete this process, you may discover that your next step is to clarify: What is the life you truly want? What do you truly need to have that life? What are the resources you already have? With that clarity you can determine whether using credit and debt makes sense for you.

Maybe you will even discover that your next step is to learn more about how to access and use credit and debt wisely.

Perhaps you will begin to see that it’s time to awaken yourself from the slumber that keeps so many stuck as slaves to a system, born not from any external perpetrator but the perpetration we impose on ourselves by not facing our fear and moving through it.

Wherever you are on the path, I welcome you. I invite you to the next stage of your awakening. I offer my hand in service to you  to use these oh so practical areas of life, money, work, credit and debt to be the foundational work of your next level of spiritual awakening.

I’ll be hosting a free class soon to support you here. Dates are being chosen now.

I’m curious what a class that helps you face and move through your fears around credit and debt so you can access everything you need to have the life you want would be worth to you.

Send me a reply ([email protected]) and let me know. I am just in the process of designing and pricing the class and I want it to be accessible, yet at the same time priced high enough for it to be a motivational stretch. 

Yours in love,