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Playing it Safe

I’m not known for playing it safe, and yet I’m making a choice today to do exactly that.

I realize that some of you are here for straight-up, direct, no-nonsense business guidance and others of you are here because you really want to know what’s going on deep behind the scenes, inside the inner psyche of a single mom, million dollar business owner; you want to know the Truth.

But, the Truth at the level I want to share it isn’t for everyone.

So today, I’m going to play it safe. And, let you know that I have some super edgy stuff to share that I’m only going to share with those of you who really want it.

If you do, click here to let me know — and by doing so, you are making a promise to yourself and to me that as you read my deepest, darkest truths you will hold me in love and light.

With that commitment via your clicks, I’ll send you some emails over the coming weeks that will get down to the depths of it.

And woah, I am seriously in it.

In the meantime, for those of you who only or also want the straight up business guidance, I want to let you know that we will be supporting Marie Forleo’s B-School again this year with one of our biggest bonus packages yet.

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Check out these videos while they are up — they get taken down in a couple weeks, so go get them now.

If you decide to invest in B-School, be sure to wait for our big bonus announcement. It’ll be coming soon.

Lots of transformational love from the fire,


PS — remember, if you want the down and dirty, use this link to let us know, but only if you promise to hold me in the highest love and light of compassion as you read what I am sharing.

PPS — If you love what Marie is sharing in her videos, and are looking for someone with similar teachings, but with a different kind of style and more training on the tech side of things, check out Kimra Luna’s Be True Brand You course, on early bird right now.