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I used to be so insecure and lonely, then this…

This Love Letter is a little late, but it’s for good reason. Why? Because I’m in Mexico with 15 people I love and I was packing and getting ready and saying goodbye to friends in Boulder before we left instead of writing to you over the weekend. 🙂

I think it’s worth the wait.  As I’ve been dropping in here in Mexico, it’s occurred to me how far I’ve come to get here. And I think you might want to learn to make as big of leaps in your own life and finally step into the life you really, really, really, REALLY want — whatever that looks like for you.

We just arrived yesterday and I’m bringing my daughter out to spend the rest of the week with us on Wednesday.

I remember when I first caught the dream of this reality. It seemed SO far away.

How could I possibly create a life of travel, friends, deep connection, open-heartedeness and the financial resources to support it all?

It seemed so far out of reach.

I was a lawyer in private practice, going through a divorce, extremely lonely and while I was making good money, I didn’t ever feel like I had enough.

Certainly not enough money or time to take a week of time away from my kids and work.

And when I looked online at the people connecting and having fun together, my heart longed for that too. But, I didn’t know how to make it happen in my own life.

Did I mention how lonely I was?

My heart felt as if it was breaking every day when I would see other people having the kind of connection with friends and mentors that I wanted.

Today, the 15 people I am in Mexico with are people I admire, respect and love.

They are entrepreneurs and community folk doing Great Work in the world.

  • Bryan’s got a game-changing book coming out in January and he’s DJing the best parties in SF.
  • Eric and Stacey are working together to teach millions of men and women to support others with their health as health coaches.
  • Jennifer is developing a teaching around power that is already waking people up to how we wield our power most effectively as leaders across
  • the masculine and feminine.
  • Jena is changing women’s relationships with their bodies.
  • Melani, Kim and Gregory are creating the template of a new kind of village, perhaps the beginnings of a world that works for everyone.
  • Wendy is helping women to see themselves through a new lens.
  • LiYana is about to become a published author on a topic that has never been written about publicly.
  • Nisha is changing the face of sisterhood.
  • Michael brings entrepreneurs to Peru to experience the medicine of Ayahuasca and then supports them to integrate it back into their lives and businesses afterwards.
  • Mia is guiding men and women to longevity and health beyond the surface.
  • Nathan is behind the scenes growing the business of one of the most impactful women leaders of our time.

They are parents of little one’s who are being raised in community. Their kids are here with us and I’ll get to bring Kaia out on Wednesday.

Bringing Kaia was not an easy decision.

We’ve never had a teenager on the trip before — all of their kids are under the age of 7 – and it’s definitely brought up some stuff for me and the rest of the crew in how best (and whether) to integrate her.

After much consideration and discussion, they are trusting my guidance that she needs to be here. It’s time for her to know my community. And, I am excited to have 4 days of downtime with Kaia here in Mexico.

You can read more about what happens at this “vacation” which is really so much more than that on my FB post here.

One of the things I appreciate most about this community is that they are always learning, growing and evolving to the next level — in business and relationships. Watching and being part of it has stretched me into the woman I am today.

Over the years (I first met this community back in 2008), there were times I couldn’t hang out with this crew because I was so confronted with my own insecurities.

Gratefully though, I saw my push away for what it was and used it as an opportunity to grow the parts of myself that were terrified of having what I most wanted — deep connection with people I truly admired and the financial means to support the time, energy and travel to remain in connection.

Today, I’m able to show up fully. The insecurity is (mostly) gone. (I won’t lie. I still feel it rear it’s head sometimes, but now I know what to do with it).

The loneliness has vanished. I LOVE my time alone now because I am so nourished in community — both this one and my beloved Boulder community.

And, I have plenty of time and money to travel to places like this to be with these people and even bring my daughter with me.

So, how did this all happen? How did I go from lonely and insecure and not having enough money and having to work all the time into a life where I get to go on vacation with the people I admire most in the world?

I’ll give you the first steps here and then I encourage you to join me onDecember 31 when I’ll take you into my Money Map Life Planning Process  so you can create the exact life you want for yourself too — all of the tools are there.

Let us know you’d love to join us on December 31 for my 5th Annual New Year’s Eve — create the life you really, really, really, REALLY want call.

This all began with acknowledging what I really, really, really, REALLY wanted. You see, we can never have what we want, if we don’t let ourselves feel the desire, the longing and yearning for it.

Most of us shut down what we want because it can feel SO uncomfortable, out of reach or simply down right impossible.

So we turn it off. We turn ourselves off.  And then, we turn off the world around us and settle for less than the lives of our dreams.

We push it away in so many interesting and complex ways, most of which we cannot see ourselves. We simply know we are not getting the results we really want, we’re struggling way too hard and bitterness and frustration begin to set in.

Before that happens to you (or if it already has), please do join me onDecember 31. It’s time to shift beyond that and step into the life you really, really, really, REALLY want, whatever that looks like for you.

Alright, that’s it for now. Breakfast and community is calling me. I’ll be posting pictures of the trip on my Facebook profile and page.

Feel free to follow along there.

Love beyond the beyond,