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Sometimes You Have to Turn People Off

I sent out last week’s love letter with the word “f*ck” in the subject line and I want to let you know why..

You see, it was essential.

At first, after I got some negative feedback about it this morning, I beat myself up for a few minutes. I questioned my decision. And I could have easily gotten lost in that.

But then, I remembered.

Oh right, I can trust myself. Okay, so if I can trust myself, what is there for me to learn here. I sent that subject line for a reason. What was it?

Oh yes, now I remember. This is sacred space. And I needed to send that message to weed out anyone who doesn’t actually belong here because what I am planning to share over the coming months and years is not for everybody.

Things are about to get a whole lot more real up in here. And I have criteria for who I want showing up here and reading what I write.

Anyone who unsubscribes because I wrote “f*ck” in the subject line of my email isn’t ready to hear what I have to say. {Tweet It!}

Anyone who sees what I wrote in the body of the newsletter – sharing my fear that maybe I didn’t promote the Money Map properly – as overly needy or weak, doesn’t yet have the skills of compassion that I require to be part of my inner circle community.

And, it’s okay. I can let them go. Just as you can let go of anyone and everyone who is not a match with you as well.  Truly, you can trust and breathe and let go, ever more.

You can let go of anyone + everyone who is not a match with you. Trust. Breathe. And let go. {Tweet It!}

The key to that working in business is to be consistently generating new subscribers (in a manner that is in alignment with your Entrepreneurial Archetype — we cover that in Module 3 of Phase 2 of the Money Map™) and remembering that the one’s who stick are your people and the one’s who don’t aren’t. You can bless them and send them on their way without agonizing over every unsubscribe, wondering what you could have done better or different.

There is nothing for you to do different other than to recognize that you are perfect just as you are and the people who resonate will stay and those who don’t won’t.  And that’s perfect too.

So I ask you to reflect on my newsletter last week and invite you to ask yourself…

How can you share more of who you are fearlessly. Or feel the fear and do it anyway? This is you stepping into the truth of all of who you are.

Now there is one caveat here — this is a both/and paradox kind of thing, so hang with me and open your heart and mind to see the higher truth I am sharing — it’s possible that you will communicate in ways that get you feedback that show you that an uplevel is possible. We learn by making mistakes, seeing the impact of those mistakes, and refining based on what we learn from the mistakes we made.

Every teacher of astrology and human design I’ve spoken to has confirmed it for me; we are in a time where we must learn, grow and evolve by making mistakes. You can only learn from your mistakes if you are willing to see them and shift as a result.

So, do not take what I am offering here as permission to be so arrogant that you miss that important piece. Yes, everything you do, say and write is perfect. And, sometimes it’s a perfect mistake.

How do you discern? Was it a perfect mistake that require some clean up or perfectly perfect as it is and can be left alone?

Ah, grasshopper, this is the real key and one I am in process of learning myself.

I have some answers and will share them with you in a few days.  I want to take some time to sit with it and ensure what I am sharing is the deepest truth I have.

More to come soon. In the meantime…

I’d love for you to identify one action you will take today that is almost guaranteed to push an edge — yours or someone else’s — and that is in alignment with you being more of you. Say something, do something, wear something, write something that you’ve been hiding because you are afraid of the reaction you’ll get from the world.  Let’s do this. I’d love to hear about it in the comments below and over in our private Facebook group.


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