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The $100 Million Dollar Man

I hadn’t met the $100 million dollar man and learned his lessons, I would probably still be stuck, spinning my wheels, wondering why I wasn’t having the life I truly wanted and knew was possible, looking outside myself for all the answers.

5 years ago, I met him and I thought for sure he would have the best life I could imagine. I was wrong.

He had a $100 million saved up (and all he talked about was where his money was stashed, what kind of currency it was in, how he could access it, if he needed to), but was still in an endless cycle of working, working, working because he felt like he had to keep earning more and more. His life seemed empty, he had no true freedom.

He had become a slave to never having enough…

From the outside, you might think he had it all, but in reality he was totally trapped with zero time to experience life and false relationships that didn’t truly nourish him.

I knew right then that if I didn’t do something drastic, this would be my life. You see, I was striving for $40 million before I could be free. (Your number may be a million bucks, or half a million, or even just a hundred thousand — whatever it is, if it’s not True, you are trapped.)

I called the CFO of my company and I asked him, “How much money do I actually need to live?”

He said, “I have no idea —  what do you want?”

I couldn’t answer it.

I wasn’t clear…I didn’t actually know what I REALLY wanted – I only knew that it wasn’t what I was having. And, thanks to the $100 million dollar man, I could see I wasn’t on the path to creating it either. Not really.

I was sacrificing my relationships with my kids, my partner, my friends and family to earn “enough” money. I wasn’t even loving my work work anymore. What had once been fulfilling had become something I had to do to have enough.

But I could feel so clearly, it would never be enough because I didn’t even know what I actually wanted. I was basing my enough on lies that had been fed to me without me even noticing. Maybe you are sensing that truth for yourself.

So I set out on a journey to take back control in my life. I had to let go of everything (and rebuild it all from scratch) to do it, but you do not. You will not have to, if you can learn what I have to share with you and break free of the shackles, the lies, that are trapping you.

Think of the raccoon who puts his hand in a box and grabs the shiny ball inside, only to be trapped because he won’t (can’t) drop the ball. That’s all he’d have to do to get free – simply drop the shiny ball. But, his deep conditioning won’t let him.

You can drop the shiny ball now. The Money Map will show you the way.

The Money Map™ helped me (and thousands of others worldwide) get clear on three things:

  • How much money I would truly need to live the life I really, really, really, REALLY want – my magic Money Map number for living my version of an extraordinary life.
  • My entrepreneurial archetype and archetype path – the step by step from where I am now to where I want to go, on purpose and on path, without question.
  • How to structure my income in true alignment —total choice around who I work with, what I do for them, how I get paid, when I work, and how I am being while I work.

It’s time to drop the shiny ball, Love, and take back your life now.

This is your one life and you can experience total personal sovereignty now. It’s time to live wide awake…in this beautiful realization that you are the master creator in your life.

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