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Today, I Have.

I love the internet. And that I invested nearly ten years to create programs and products I believe in so much.

And that I was willing to fall off my horse and get back on and keep riding.

I feel grateful that today I am willing to invest my life and money into making sure the right people know about what I created instead of hiding behind my dislike of or judgment about marketing.

And that I can do it all online, from my iPhone (in bed) if I need or want I to. On my own schedule.

It really is a dream come true.

For those of you just getting started with creating online information products (or even just your very first one to one service), it’s worth it to keep going through the hard. If you want to and are willing to face all your personal “stuff” along the way.

I started in 2003 and invested everything I had and more in learning, making mistakes, and learning more. It wasn’t easy to get to the place I am in now, but I’m so happy I kept going.

I nearly gave it all up in 2011/2012 when it all seemed so fucked up and I decided to say fuck it, move to a farm and file bankruptcy so I could find what was true and start over on a foundation I believed in.
Now that my services and products are created, refined, upgraded, tested and proven, it’s just about marketing them to reach the right people.

I say “just” as if it’s easy because I am finally realizing how easy it can be.

I used to believe (and experience) that it was so hard. Glad to be past that!!

With Great Work you believe in and the right people on your team, it really can become easy. Getting to the combination of those two things could be the journey of a lifetime (for me ten years) but so worthwhile mainly because of who you get to become along the way, if you keep learning, growing and evolving.

Knowing the path really helps so that when you are at the hardest parts you can see the finish line (or at least know where it is) and have the motivation to keep going.

When I gave it all up starting in 2010, it was at least partially because I had gotten to the finish line of the path I had taken and it was definitely not where I wanted to be.

Sure it was “successful” in traditional terms (money, fame and all that), but it was lonely as hell and didn’t feel good in my body. That couldn’t possibly be where I was meant to be.

The idea of starting over was daunting to say the least. But I am so glad I did.

The cyber bullies who write about me make me laugh because they seem to think I must be ripping people off to have life this good. It’s that mentality that keeps them stuck at jobs they hate with only a life of writing mean things about people to entertain them.

The truth is that I am able to travel wherever I want, whenever I want, and spend my time with whoever I want (doing my great work all along the way in ways that are super fun to me) because I have invested years and millions (yes a fraction of that from credit cards that I defaulted on along the way, which was part of my learning process as it is for many great teachers) in creating work that helps thousands of people love their own work and lives more.

I took the risks others are unwilling to take, made the investments, put in the long hours, blood, sweat and tears to build programs and products of true meaning and impact.

Today, my clients’ success stories are where my true success is found.

I remember being a newly single mom and so badly wanting to create success, reading either Jim Rohn or Brian Tracy for inspiration and deciding that my success would come from helping others get what they want. Today, that is the foundation of everything I do.

I read the surveys our lawyer clients send in and they love their lives and practices thanks to my work. My heart sings with each survey.

I read the posts in my eyes wide open group of people turning their lives and businesses around thanks to the money map and my teachings and my eyes fill with tears. I did it.

I created a legacy of people all around me creating lives and businesses they love and, damn, it feels good to finally be in a place to celebrate that.

I don’t “brag” here often about what I created and how many people I help with my creations because I tend to think that people learn more from my mistakes, but maybe it’s time to change that belief and share more about the successes. Even if just to help the cyber bullies who spend so much of their precious lives hating on others and give them some hope for their own lives. It’s never too late to turn things around.

I was once a hater myself. I judged other people’s success because it made my own lack of success more palatable. The truth was that my judgment pointed me to exactly what I really, really, really, REALLY wanted. And it was only by admitting it that I could create it.

Today, I have.

Wow, I didn’t expect to write all this, but here it is. I am celebrating. I love the internet. I love helping other people. I love my willingness to keep going through the hard. And I love that it really can become so easy on the other side.

What do YOU love about how you’ve designed your life and business?

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