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Gratitude for what seems to suck (when life hands you lemons)

This week, life handed me a scenario that appeared to be a big ole’ basket of lemons and after puckering my mouth, resisting the tart and, yes, crying a bit, I relaxed and realized I’ve got the makings of the best tasting glass of ice-cold lemonade on a sweltering hot summer day.

I hope that today’s letter inspires you to do the same.

Next time you want to resist what life hands you, look for the blessing and the gift. Life truly is looking out for you. {Tweet It!}

Last Wednesday, Amrita and Kiva broke the news to me that they are launching out on their own three weeks from now, as opposed to 3 months from now.

Right before our next big campaign for the Money Map, phase 2, beginning December 19.

After the surprise moved through my system and I cried for ten minutes, I began to relax into the Truth.

This is the right thing.  It’s right for them.  It’s what life wants.  It’s right for me.  It’s right for the work.

It’s the kick in the ass I need to stop hiding behind the Collective and rebuild the integrated “Ali Alexis” brand and truly, deeply reconnect to my work.

I’ve been hiding.

Being part of a Collective kept me from fully owning all of who I am and what I’m up to in the world. It kept me safe. And, it was holding Amrita and Kiva back too.

So after I processed through the shock and tears, I took stock of what I actually have and while I am going to have a much busier December than I planned for, I am already seeing and experiencing the benefits.

Here are some examples:

We were scheduled to do a manifestation workshop for the early buyers of our Money Map course and it kept getting rescheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled again. It just wasn’t coming together. We had it scheduled for Friday and there still wasn’t a clear plan for it.

And now, I understand why. It was not meant for the three of us to do together. It was meant for me to do. And just in the last night, the manifestation workshop has come together beautifully. It’s my work to do. Grateful. Excited. [If you were an early buyer of the Money Map, you should have an email in your inbox with details and another one tomorrow.]

There were other ways I stayed out of the game as well.

I wasn’t reaching out to JV partners even though my network and connections are one of my most valuable assets. That way I didn’t have to face rejection, one of my personal biggest fears.

{By the way, if you want to share the Money Map with your audience, please email [email protected] and let me know so we can get you information.}

I wasn’t truly connected to my business financials, my launch and launch content, my Facebook ads, my Facebook fan page and instead deferring to the Collective.

Somehow that felt safe, but it wasn’t really.

I invite you to look at where you are hiding, and how you are playing safe. Hint: look for the disconnect or feeling of “dead”. {Tweet It!}

Today, I am 100% connected. Excited. And a little bit scared (in just the very best way possible). It’s the exact perfect space for maximum creative expression.

And fortunately, Amrita and Kiva are being great about the transition, honoring their responsibilities, ensuring the company has the funding necessary to continue, and while they are leaving sooner than I expected, I honor them for doing what’s True.

So, this is what’s alive with me this Thanksgiving.

I know I promised to write about taxes today, but this big transition seemed higher priority.

And, on the tax front …

This IS the time for you to be doing your tax planning. I just had another meeting with my tax team today and we’ve got my tax liability down from the original projected $60,000 due in April (after the $30k already paid in) down to about $13,000 due. Ah, that feels so much better.

The key? Really awesome financial management throughout the year and regular meetings with my financial managers and tax advisor. You can do this too, but if your finances are a mess, it’s probably too late for this year.

There’s still time for next year though and there may be some little things you can still do before tax time, like funding your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and your Health Savings Account (HSA) and putting off some income that would come in December until January and pre-paying some of January’s expenses in December.

If you want a referral to my financial management and tax folks, hit reply and let me know and I’ll let you know how you can learn everything I know about financial and tax systems plus get a meeting with my money people.

Big Love,