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Falling in love?

I’ve got love on the brain and in my heart this week. In the midst of all the transition with Kiva and Amrita leaving and as I go about the business of removing their images from our banners, I notice my heart wanting to close, my mind wanting to judge and to create stories.

My biggest job at this moment is to keep my heart open and to remain in my own personal inquiry of What is love, really? And then, be that.

Each time I do, I find myself deeper and more in love with what’s true.

Your biggest job at this moment is to keep your heart open and keep asking “what is love, really?” {Tweet It!}

While separating is hard to do, I am discovering a deeper connection to my work and to the team supporting this work than I have had in more than three years. I am so infinitely grateful for this.

Yesterday, after Kiva sent me a hard to read email (Kiva, if you are reading this, a response is coming as soon as I get a few minutes to breathe!), I was ignited to recognize where I have not been standing fully in my power around the work of the Money Map.

Thank you, Kiva, for saying what may have been hard to say. It was a catalyst as hard words so often are.

Be a catalyst for true change. Be willing to say what’s hard to say. Support more Truth and Awakening in our world. {Tweet It!}

The truth is that the Money Map is not just an information product or online program, it’s a full on life planning process and tool that needs to be in the hands of every adult who desires right relationship with time, money and how they earn their income in the world.

As a result, I am innovating a new program to get you access to the Money Map life planning process at exactly the right investment for you — whether it’s $5 or $500,000, so that you are guided to stretch and, as a result, can grow into the next evolution of you — wherever you are now. Keep your eyes here for more on that.

I notice I keep wanting to tell you that I am falling in love. Falling in love with this work, this team, and, yes, even with a man. But, the truth is, I’m not falling at all. You can read more about that here.

There is no need to fall when it comes to love. {Tweet It!}

Big Love Beyond the Beyond,

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