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Eyes Wide Open Afest Fun Facts

Here at Eyes Wide Open, we hold Awesomenessfest very near and dear to our hearts.

Here are a bit of Afest + EWO Fun Facts:

  • Ali and Kiva created their official EWO partnership at Afest 2013 in the Dominican Republic.
  • Lara and Kiva met for the first time in person at Afest last year in the Dominican Republic as they floated out at sea on the boat cruise party.
  • Lara Berg, the Creative Director, here at Eyes Wide Open has been a big part of the Afest team for the past 4 years. In fact, if you apply to come (as it is by invite-only), you just may be interviewed by her (maybe you even have been interviewed by her if you have attended!).
  • Lara first learned of and became attracted to Alexis Neely and her “Great Work” via both being apart of the Awesomenessfest Tribe.
  • This year… Kevin Heidt (Lara’s Love and who we call the “EWO Ninja” as he’s ‘the man’ on the team who supports us ladies in so many ways, not to mention ROCKS Facebook advertising)… attended for the first time this year with Lara and Dj’ed an awesome boat cruise party.
  • Finally, Lara, Kevin, Kiva, and Kiva’s husband, Michael, all met in person for the first time this year; meeting in person always helps us to create in deeper ways together here at EWO.

So as you can see, Afest has been a key catalyst for us and has truly created MAGIC for the Eyes Wide Open Collective, and our work in the world. It’s amazing what can be created from 4-days of awesomeness.

Have you attended Afest? We’d love to hear all about your experience, insights and all around AWESOMENESS!

Leave a comment with your own Afest fun facts below and share your pics over in our private Facebook group here.

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