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The True Liberation of Desire

[This is my response to Alexis’ article, Are the Roots of Desire the Source of our Power? I shared it with her privately and we decided that we would post our dialogue publicly, so that you may witness our own evolutionary processes & differentiation in perspectives…]

This is a false teaching being perpetuated by women in the modern day. Reclaiming our emotional and physical desire energy may be a source of healing if those have been repressed, but it is a false liberation.

Any time you are seeking outside of yourself for the fulfillment of relationship, you are looking in a direction that will never unite with that which truly satisfies. You will continue to perpetuate an endless cycle of fulfillment-unfulfillment, of karmic creation – it truly is endless.

The ultimate aim of consciousness is to become aware of itself, and the greatest thing we can do as conscious beings is become aware of ourselves as that-which-is-everything. The pure fundamental energy that we are made of is Divine, is Love.

The very fact of us existing at all is an awesome miracle. To live in devotion to that divinity which we are (which is so much more vast than our individualistic perspective), means uniting all flows of energy within the body (physical, emotional, vital, soul) with the current OF divine being in its primal purity.

The Maha Yogi, Mahavatar BabajiThis means that the desires of the emotions and body, while not being suppressed or ignored, become subordinate to the desires of Divinity as experienced through one’s own eternal presence.

That is the only true liberation, and the ultimate integrous action from the choices available to us for how we move our energy. It is also bliss and eternal unity.

When experiencing sexual desire, or the emotional desire of union through outer relationship, it is beneficial to also experience the deeper Presence of the soul, and connect those surface desires with that energy of the soul. This allows them to be at peace, understood, and newly informed by that which is Eternal and serves All.

Only from there can right action emerge, and only from there can we taste true liberation.