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Signs You Are on the Path to Liberation

I’ve been told that living out loud with two names and two completely different personas was the worst idea ever.

Horrible for my brand.
And that I should pick one and hide the other, or better yet, kill one off.

Just the idea of that was horrifying. Ali Shanti and Alexis Neely and even Alexis Martin Neely are all integral parts of the whole that is the me that is the awareness above, beyond and around it all. Oneness.

It took everything I had to break free of the conditioning that told me I had better stay in line, say less and hide the “crazies” inside me.

But, I did it because I knew that it would inspire others to do the same
& find their own (your) path to liberation.

the path to liberation

I had no proof of that and some part of me (probably Alexis Martin Neely – she’s a ball buster) even insisted I would just be leading people astray if I told them to truly come out and play.

I held onto my truth though and kept leaning into the fear and the opening of my heart.

In the past week, I’ve received messages from women who are now telling me that just knowing me here and reading my posts and watching my videos has changed their lives and the way they are showing up in the world.

They are on the path to liberation.

A woman from Saudi Arabia. A coach with a big following. A gal who isn’t out of the closet yet, but wants to be and is gaining the courage.

I tell you this, not to brag by any means. But to support you to step ever more into yourself and trust that as you do, riches of the highest value will be yours. Getting those letters from women whose lives have changed because I was willing to go first and talk about is the greatest reward of all time for me. Beyond money. Or any assets of any physical kind.

You know you are on the path to liberation when you no longer have to hide any part of yourSelf. {Tweet It!}

So women (and enlightened men who have joined us here), thank you.

Thank you for saying yes to yourSelf. Thank you for telling me about it. And, most importantly, thank you for telling the people you know by sharing your experience and creating more of a world where no one ever has to hide again & inspiring people to find their path to liberation.

I love you.

And I invite you to share yourself – your stories, your experiences, your crazy, right now in the comments below.