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An Eye-Opening Experience From a Lawyer Who Was Happy to Discover All of Me

This was an actual email (minus the hotlinks) I received from a lawyer one weekend night.  When I saw the subject line, I was nervous. Very. I thought for sure that he was going to call me out on “Ali”, but that’s not what happened at all. Read on and see what I mean.


Subject: An Eye-Opening Experience
From: A Conservative Lawyer‏ in One of My Lawyer Training Programs

Dear Ali,I hope that I can call you Ali now. I’ve had an awakening, after all, which would not have been possible without you being the “real” you, which opened my eyes to entirely new possibilities. So, I feel the “Dear Ali” salutation is apropos.

I currently work full-time as a high school assistant principal, the culmination of many years in the field of public education. I am also a solo law practitioner focusing on estate planning and transactional business work. Both lines of work are, in their own ways, valuable and rewarding. So, it should come as no surprise that I’ve found it difficult to effectively divide my time between the two without shortchanging either my students or my clients. This has resulted in me never quite having the gumption to leave a steady paycheck behind and fully devote myself to my law practice.

In my search for balance, or perhaps justifiable reasons for “putting it all on the line” and quitting my day job, I stumbled across your website and the growing number of PFLs/CBLs. I debated with myself for months about whether I should join the ranks. After all, investing $1000 per month in an endeavor that you’re only pursuing part-time is a big step to take. Despite my fervent searching, honest reviews of your program were hard to come by, and I’ve trained myself to take all posted testimonials with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, after speaking to your team member Dawn, I decided to take the plunge, or perhaps just dip my toe depending on how you look at it, in the “Getting Started” program.

As I’ve watched the videos and worked through the material, I’ve learned more and more about what it takes to be a PFL and the advantages that come along with membership. Still, I wasn’t sure it was something I was ready to commit to for the life of my business.

That changed last night. As part of my assistant principal job duties, on a cold overcast night, I took in a varsity baseball game, watching closely for any shenanigans amongst the students who attended. Bored, I pulled out my phone and opened my Facebook feed. Several months ago, I began receiving updates from a group I had joined for Texas probate and estate lawyers. On my feed last night, I noticed that someone had posted a question about you – something along the lines of…”Alexis Neely. I’m thinking about signing up on her email distribution list. Anyone ever heard of her? Is it worth the time?”

The comment section quickly devolved into a litany of potshots at you, most particularly about your bankruptcy. “You’re gonna take business advice from someone who had to file for bankruptcy. That’s ridiculous. LOL.” Things like that. Finally someone asked where they could get more information about your business and your bankruptcy and they were directed toward the interview that you did with Mixergy. As the baseball game dragged on, I clicked over to the Mixergy site myself, and unable to watch the video interview, I instead read the posted transcript.

I want you to know that I was really moved. By your honesty. By your courage. By your intelligence.

We’ve both travelled non-traditional paths to get to where we currently sit. It’s nice to know that there are people in the world, like you, who are not afraid to buck the trends and do what is right. Sadly, the practice of law is littered with ne’er-do-wells mindlessly following the trails of the lawyers who came before them. Day by day, it is these people who further desecrate the profession of law in the minds of the general public.

After three months in the Getting Started program, I was still “on the fence” about what I wanted to do next. Your Mixergy interview has changed my opinion. With the attitude that you regularly take toward both your team and the world at large, I have no doubt now that things will continue to grow and improve for PFLs under your tutelage. In short, I’m really impressed. I’m now beginning to develop a plan for a website update, new promotional materials, and a full immersion in “the PFL way.” Long term, I plan to be the “go-to” PFL in the Houston area.

On occasion, I receive a phone call or a letter from a satisfied client or the parent of one of my students complimenting me on a job well done. It never fails to make my day. This evening, I wanted to pass that feeling along to you. I hope my story has brought a smile to your face. Thank you for what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

With clarity and gratitude,