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How to Navigate Financial Pressure & See It for the Gift It Truly Is

Financial pressure is an issue that so many of us, actually all of us, are dealing with. But if this is true…

Why is nobody talking about it?

Why aren’t you talking about it?!

Well, I’m here to start the conversation around financial pressure…

Because learning how to lean into it is a vital piece for the growth of your business.

Financial pressure is a gift.

financial pressure

Financial pressure… a gift? That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But the truth is, we can either be empowered by it or become a victim of it.

It seems as though we’re each doing everything we can to avoid financial pressure. We’re bound by these beliefs of what it should or shouldn’t feel like. But I don’t know anyone who’s achieved any level of success without it. It may look different for each of us, but it’s there.

And when we try to hide it or fail to acknowledge it, it surfaces. We act out. We start to make bad decisions. We shrink.

We begin to scramble to make money out of fear, out of push, out of ‘I’m gonna run out’, when instead, we should be pulled by desire.

Sure, financial pressure is uncomfortable, but it inspires a level of creativity and clarity that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

I used to try to avoid it at all cost myself. I used to think that to be prosperous, to be abundant, to be free, I had to have a certain amount of money in the bank. I needed to have my debt paid off (or be paying a big chunk of it off every month). And at this time, I kept seeing people in my life that had lots of time, lots of energy and they were happy.

But I seemed to be struggling… even though I had lots of money in my bank accounts, lots of  money flowing through my businesses, I was always stressed about money. Even my business were making millions.

Back in 2009, I felt more trapped than I ever felt before.

“Alexis, don’t do that.. don’t say that.. that’ll hurt the business.”

SO many people were relying on me.

I didn’t know that what I was feeling was financial pressure. It was super unconscious.

And how I handled financial pressure back then was NOT GOOD. I acted out.

I dealt with it by shrinking. Firing my entire team. Moving to a farm with no help.

I shrunk back to the smallest I could have from a life and business perspective. I needed to go there. I needed to see what it would be like if it was just me. I had to see…

Would people still be my friend?
Would money still come in?
Could I do it?
What would it be like if there was NO financial pressure?
Who am I if I don’t need to make money?
What are the ways I’m compromising myself just to make money?

After doing this I realized, there was still financial pressure. I was actually creating it.

But now it’s different. I realize that I can choose to experience it in my body as a positive and not a negative.

Right now, I have less money in my accounts than I’ve had in a long time, maybe since law school. But I realized that when it starts feeling like, “Oh no! I’m gonna run out of money,” I can share it. I can speak it. I don’t have to act out. I can come up with a plan.

How do we navigate financial pressure?

1. You’ve got to realize that you can’t get away from financial pressure.

We live in a world of financial pressure – there’s no getting out of it.So, get cozy with it. Embrace it. Snuggle up next to it.

And choose what it’s going to look like, because it’s not going away.

2. Know what you need.

There’s no getting out of feeling financial pressure, there’s only choosing to see it as a gift. And to do that, you need to know what you need. How much money do you need to invest in yourself, to do what you truly desire, to get bring your message to the world?

(Are you ready to know exactly what you need? Find your Money Map Number today.)

3. Have a plan. 

financial pressureWhen you know exactly what you need you can create a plan; your mind can go to work coming up with ways for you to meet your needs – you know how many clients you need to take on at what cost to meet your need, you know that you need to design a product or program you can offer at what price to meet your need, you know that you need to invest in a skill set you can charge for to meet your need.

And when you have a plan, you find so much spaciousness and relaxation. You aren’t pushing. You aren’t acting out. You’re flowing.

Listen in here on my conversation with Kiva Leatherman about the topic of financial pressure.

So tell me.. Are you going to be empowered by financial pressure? Are you going to see it for the gift it truly is? Or are you going to be a victim of it?

Don’t shrink.

It’s time we each open up the dialogue around financial pressure. Let’s start here.. What are your current struggles with money? Where are you compromising yourself around money because you think you need to?

LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW sharing your story around financial pressure, and let’s see how I can help get you clear on exactly what you need. Let’s get you doing things that you enjoy doing. Let me help you come into alignment.