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Online Launches: Why the Paint-By-Numbers Approach Is Dead & What to Do Instead

Listen in as the ladies of the Eyes Wide Open Collective discuss the world of online launches:

Let’s talk online launches

If you’re in business (or looking to be) and want to shift from the one-to-one model (Sage/Guide) to a one-to-many (Star/Guide) model,  you’re going to have to get comfortable with online launches – real comfortable. And if you think you’ve already got launches down, you might want to think again.

Because the truth is, the world of online product launches is changing. The systems and strategies that worked 3-4 years ago, even just one year ago, simply do not work anymore.

The paint-by-numbers approach is dead.

Why? Think about it. The environment of launching is changing in real-time.

So if you’re stuck trying to implement a proven system or formula that worked for someone else (maybe years ago), you’re probably not going to get the same results.  Not to mention, that person may have a totally different archetype than you.

Maybe you’ve been there – burnt yourself out trying to implement a formula designed for someone else’s business, didn’t see the results you wanted, and you wound up discouraged and ready to be done with online launches altogether.

Don’t get discouraged.

The problem is not in you applying the formula.

Hell, the problem isn’t even in the formula itself (it obviously worked for someone, right?)!

A launch goes well because of your ability to respond in the moment to the environment of the launch and to respond to the key factors that contribute to a successful launch or a full blown flop.

You’ve got to listen, respond and inform the launch. Constantly asking yourself: Do I need to shift? Where do I need to respond to the marketplace? How can I course-correct? Having a team and/or a thinking partner is also key. [Schedule your Launch Consultation today to see how we can help.]

Often times people following a program or formula end up throwing their hands in the air in the middle of their launch because they’re just not seeing the results they wanted.

We’ve been in that situation – it feels like a million times! We’ve been in launches for a week with only 6 optins, and then we made a shift, kicked it into high gear, redid the strategy and wound up knocking it out of the park.

Here at the Eyes Wide Open Collective, we’re launching all the time! We bust them out fast. We get them done. And we’ve got them down.

Why are we able to do so many online launches with so much success?

Well, we realize that:

  • Not all launches are created equal. Each product/service/program is launched differently. The way you launch and sell a $50 training is totally different from how you would launch and sell a $5,000 group. It’s completely different. You have to discover the appropriate sales vehicle for what you’re trying to launch AND what’s best for your business and audience.
  • You cannot have a successful launch by focusing on just one channel. A lot of training programs out there focus on ONE channel launches – affiliate marketing, video sales and social media, etc. But just relying on one channel to “fill up your bucket” is leaving a lot of money on the table. Remember, all roads lead to YOUR successful launch.

Another key to our online launch success has been sticking to the 5 Phases of Online Launching. We’ve learned from experience that each launch phase is absolutely essential. Because each phase builds upon the success of the previous phase, miss one phase or skip one step and your launch will crumble.

Take a Look at the 5 Phases to Online Launches:

1. Planning & Warm-Up Phase
In this phase, you are creating the customer experience for your launch. That means deciding what materials need to be created, how you’re going to market the launch, what your sales vehicle will be, who your partners will be (if you’re going to have partners), and assigning a timeline to your launch. And at the same time you’re planning your launch, you’ll start your Launch Warm-Up. This is where you start to warm your community up to the idea of your launch. If you have partners, it would be seeding it to their communities; if it’s your own community then you would seed it to your Facebook and email lists, and so on.

2. Registration Phase
There will be some kind of event built around your launch, whether it’s a webinar, a telesummit, or an in-person talk, and in this phase, you’ll be getting people registered for that event through some sort of opt-in page.

3. Attendance Phase
You can prepare and plan and get all these people to sign up for you event, but if nobody shows up the whole thing falls apart. This is the phase where you can get really creative.

4. Presentation Phase
This is where you actually deliver your presentation and inspire your audience to take the action that you want them to take (buy your program, sign up for you group, pre-order your book, etc.).

5. Follow-Up Phase
This is a phase that many people neglect. Talk about leaving money on the table! If you don’t have a follow-up sequence in place to nurture all the people who didn’t buy during your presentation phase, you’re leaving around half… HALF! of your potential earnings on the table.

Launching is not something you want to do alone. It requires feedback. It requires expertise. It requires an ability to get out of the details, see the big picture, and respond in the moment. And that’s where we come in.

online launches

Because we love the idea of you being great at the work you bring into the world and we love the idea of us being great at what we’re amazing at (which is launching). Allow us to bring our expertise and guidance to your Great Work and give you in-the-moment guidance, support and love during your next (or current) launch:

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Happy Launching,