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The Path of Liberation for the Sage/Guide Archetype

Here at the Eyes Wide Open Collective we work with all different kinds of professionals who typically “practice” to turn their practices into businesses they love, that provide flexibility, freedom and maximum impact.

These professionals include therapists, lawyers, bookkeepers, accountants, naturopaths, nutritionists, consultants and others like them who live to serve, have full practices and want to get their work out to more people.

If this is you, you’ve probably hit the limit of your availability to see any more new clients, but you want to impact more.

And you want to make more money.

And, ultimately, you want to have more flexibility in your schedule so you don’t have to be in the office, meeting with people one to one, face to face. Because you know you can make an even bigger impact by taking your knowledge and years of experience out to more people through books and programs, products and courses.

It’s the path of liberation for the Sage/Guide archetype.  Moving into the role of Star/Guide and perhaps eventually to Star/Creator and Star/Connector.

Sage-Guide Liberation

This was my own path of liberation.

From lawyer serving clients one to one (Sage/Guide), to creating products, programs and courses so I could serve more people (Star/Guide) and, finally, now to training other lawyers on my methodologies and licensing my resources (Star/Creator) and sometimes sharing other people’s programs and courses (Star/Connector).

Along the way, there was a tremendous amount of frustration because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, thought I knew things that it turned out were completely off base, and, in some cases, knew more than I thought I did.

If I could go back to that eager young lass I was in 2006 when I was so desperate to make the leap that I would have (and did) pay anyone anything they asked to teach me what I thought they knew, I would tell her to relax, trust, allow the unfolding and keep her eye on the vision without worrying a bit about whether it would happen.

I would tell her and I tell you now — it’s all already happening, just keep moving forward. The right teachers will appear at exactly the right times. The resources you need are all here. Just keep being clearer and clearer about what you want and don’t want. Keep speaking that out loud. Keep saying yes when you feel yes in your body, no when you don’t, and relax more.

That gal that was me back then, she probably wouldn’t have listened. Fear is a powerful motivator and I’ve always been particularly skilled at leveraging it for myself.  Today, though, I prefer to be pulled by desire.  And that’s what I want from you.

No more fear that you don’t know the answers or have to break the bank to get them.

Today … I’m giving you some of the answers you’ve been longing for and would rather not have to pay someone a few thousand (or several thousand) bucks to pass on.

If you like this kind of guidance and support to turn your Sage/Guide practice into a Star/Guide Star/Creator business, you will want to consider our Eyes Wide Open Coaching Circle where you get the entire Eyes Wide Open Collective supporting you twice a week.

For now, here are the questions I see come up most often:

Should I do telesminars or webinars to create and sell my products and programs?
What should I do first?
Should I prerecord my teleseminars or do them live?
If I do webinars, should I use WebinarJam or GotoWebinar?

Which Teleseminar system should I use? Is freeconference just fine?
What should I do on the teleseminar or webinar to offer my course?
Should I make my book awesome or just pretty good?
What about apps? Should I create an iPhone app?
Should I have a Facebook fan page or use my personal profile?
How should I launch my website online?

For answers to these questions and more, I’ve created this audio for you…

And, I’ve asked my leadership team, Amrita Khalsa and Kiva Leatherman to create an opportunity for you to speak to them and assess where you are and what the next step is for you. So that you are doing the “right next thing.”

If you’d like to take me up on this offer, I’ll need you to apply, as their time is valuable. You can do that here.