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Being a Pioneer of Love

amber4I am an intrepid Pioneer of Love…

Passionately devoted to peeling back the moment in order to discover the deeper untold beauty that lies beneath the surface layers of interaction.  Incessantly curious, my endless explorations into the vast and uncharted terrain of what it is to fully embody as love on this planet have revealed again and again that our core essence is inherently ecstatic  boundless, graceful, innocent and totally turned on by life!

Nothing unleashes more pleasure in me than coming into full contact with the moment and finding out how much more love can be coaxed from every encounter, be it a sparkling interaction with the grocery store cashier or a intimate deep dive with a beloved. The pleasure comes from embodying and generously sharing what we all crave at the core – to be seen, touched and loved for who we really are beneath the skins of our identities, to have our essence recognized and invited out to play.

Rumi so succinctly hit the bulls eye when he said, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

More than once I’ve heard the assumptive remark, “Yeah, its easy for you to say, you were born this way! It’s just who you are.” Yes, this is true. In fact, it’s true for every one of us. It is who we are. We emerge into this realm whole and complete, fully intact as our essence incarnated into a fresh body. And so it is we remain. What follows then is the gradual process of developing veneers around our wholeness as we adopt the cultural conditioning that in-forms us otherwise, inhibiting our capacity to fully inhabit our most natural state of being.

amber2So, although I was indeed born this way, like most I arrived into an environment that did not support me in remaining connected to the truth of who I am, and so for the most part I forgot, adapting as best I could to survive the years of pain and distortion, somehow managing to retain a remembrance of the source spark still glowing within my inexhaustibly brilliant heart.

It was my inextinguishable beacon, constantly guiding me home to the nourishing sanctuary of essence. No matter what storms raged around me, I had the undeniable sense of their impermanence and that I would somehow make it through and always be loved from the inside out.

We Are fundamentally wired to BE and SHARE love, yet many have forgotten how to access the core of who we are underneath these accumulated veneers, bumping up against and interacting from their defined edges of convincingly ingrained patterns and generations of time-tested, culturally approved restraint. We’ve been collectively domesticated, our wild and free essential natures broken in order to comply with the way of the herd. Yet still, regardless of what ego identities we may have cloaked our essence with along the journey, it remains eternally unmarred and intact at the core, awaiting our arrival.

amber3So how do we get IN here, when the ego’s defense structures stand hyper vigilant on guard, resolute in their mission to divert any attempt to penetrate through to the core, utilizing every possible mode of distraction available to keep our attention focused on the perimeter?

It’s actually the strategies rooted in simplicity that are most effective in disarming the defenses – the most fundamental of all being the breath. When we feel gripped by an ingrained response, often the first indicator is constricted breath. By simply staying present with our breath, allowing it to enter fully and softly open the belly, releasing it completely while relaxing in and spreading open from the inside out, any resistance can be dissolved through, outdated structures unraveled and distortions resolved back into wholeness.

The breath will always guide us back into alignment with life, back into the primal core of who we are – where all solutions are found, and we come into full contact with what’s here, now.

Deliberately choosing to be embodied, to intimately know one’s self through the body, enables a ground to deeply feel from. Only from here can we begin to unravel the barriers that impede love’s natural flow.

We are learning to turn towards difficulties and become curious about them rather than identifying with them. With a courageous internal commitment to meet and breathe through any resistance that keeps us from fully feeling what arises in our experience, we can increase our capacity to respond to life rather than react to it.

We are empowered knowing we don’t have to choose our default patterns, and as we increase the options of response we find there really is room for everything.

True ecstasy embraces the entire spectrum of what is without needing to deny any aspect of it. ~ Click to Tweet!

Awakening inside of our own experience allows us to meet any resistance we may encounter and develop a healthy relationship with it as our ally, showing us where we get to melt open even wider to unleash the love that we are. Thus, we may ecstatically embody our essential nature and live a deeply fulfilling and inspired life of purpose, pleasure and grace!

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